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Running Vs. Power Walking

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What are the pros and cons of each?

Any thoughts appreciated!
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Some people love to run....

But for me I like walking/power-walking

Its much easier on the joints and you burn just about as many calories especially if you do incline intervals
I walked/power-walked for years before I started running (I also did yoga and pilates).  At one point it just became . . . not enough, you know?  Like I reached a fitness threshold and in order to improve I needed to step up to the next level.  At the end I was walking 2.5-3 hours daily and not feeling challenged or fatigued.  Now I run daily and have competed in 10Ks, too.  I find it much more challenging during my workout, and much more satisfying afterwards, and I can reach my same goals in an hour instead.

On the hard fact/science side of it, it's better for your heart and your aerobic capabilities.  Also recent studies have shown (I don't have the article near me but I can research it if necessary) that running has no more affect on the joints than walking, so that can no longer be a deterrent to running.
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I have only been running for a short time (and I am a complete beginner), but I have seen much more muscle tone in my legs since I started running than I did when I just walked. I also feel tighter in my mid section. When I walked, I didn't "race walk" but I was around 3.8-4.0 on the treadmill when I did it.
Power Walking: pros-ideal if your overweight because it is better on your joints and can be done for an extended period of time.  Relatively low intensity and can be done by almost anyone.  cons- low intensity and burns less calories as you get thinner. 

Jogging:  pros-higher intensity and builds musclemass which improves metabolism.  More calories are burned than power walking.  higher at rest metabolism.  cons- prolonged jogging is bad for the knees.  If you're overweight, it's amplified.

My recommendation: power walking with interval sprints.  Build muscle mass for better metabolism.  Prolonged exercise for weight loss.  Strengthens your body.
walking burns less calories but  it is easier on joints and muscles. I would LOVE to be able to run!!  but I do enjoy a good strong walk as well.
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