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Running= Protruding Tummy??

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I read on a forum that running makes you belly protrude?  After thinking about it, I've noticed my stomach has not been as flat since i started running, and it's not so much fat on top i think.  More like my stomach is just expanded more... Is this true?
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Hi! You're not alone with your concern, but it's nothing to be worried about, honestly. I do a lot of walking/jogging, and my tummy does protrude, but it's just a thick wall of muscle. As far as this being "true", the only reason I can defend that is because it happened to me, and some girls I know have protruding stomachs. What's interesting about how it looks is that I can still see my hip bones and abdominals.

But consider this-it probably only happens to some people because I know runners who are flat as boards. It could depend on posture...but it's definetely not fat. That I know.  
why would running make your belly protrude?  sounds a little strange to me.  I can see that the folks who do tons of crunches per day have a protruding belly, but running?  I think you either have a thick waist or not.  I run a lot and my belly has never protruded (it is flat flat flat - always has been, I imagine always will be - I am 32).  I just don't have excess weight in my stomach (thighs are a different story - ha).
How funny Koshirbeef, my stomach is the same way! i can actually see my hip bones, but meh` tummy protudes a little. Haha.
I'm quite sure it protrudes due to repeated high-impact over long periods of time.  This high impact slowly causes the 'shape' of your tummy to change, probably due to stretching.  That is internal stress pushing your stomach 'outwards'  with each jaunting step.  You don't notice it too much when your running unless you really think about it, then you should be able to 'feel' what I mean, especially if you have something in your stomach.  Its slight but it adds up.
I used to have the same shape you all describe, but its going away now that I've started running less and walking more.  Also when you run you can minimize the effect by keeping your stomach taut/flat (might be tough if your not used to prolonged tensing).
--oh yeah I've found that if your going for the 'flat' look it helps to not eat very large meals at once (stretches abdominals that hold your stomach in place).  Also if you can try to keep your abdomin sort of 'half-flexed' for the majority of the day, it will get the muscles tougher and they will hold that shape more even when you relax.
I have been running for 15 years now and have not come across this.  I did research it some on the internet and came up with nothing.

I know that the ab muscles respond to the exercise given them. So doing sit-ups with stomach sucked in and the abs will flatten, do sit-ups and let the abs arch away from the back and a 'tummy' will form from the muscles.  If you don't want to 'widen' your waist, don't do the side sit-ups.
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