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running 30 miles per week and NOT LOSING

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I run 30 miles a week 5x a week, and I feel like I am GAINING.

What's the deal!?



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Most likely your not eating enough and your body is going into starvation mode. Thus, not losing weight.
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Been there & run that! 

Now it's time for you to start looking @ not just what you eat *but* how much you eat.  Ask yourself if you are really counting your calories.    If you haven't already bought a food scale it's time to do so!  I couldn't loose any weight until I started weighing everything & double checking the scale.  Lastly, you must eat a high fiber breakfast cereal every day w/no fat milk. 

Good Luck!
Good for you! From your profile it sounds like you need to gain.
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At your weight you SHOULD be gaining weight. The only way you could possibly be 108 at 5'4" is through excessive calorie restriction. Your metabolism is probably in starvation mode, and starting to fight back.
I noticed from your posts that you are in recovery from an ED. You should be gaining, right?
I agree with the other posters, but you say you "feel" like you are gaining. Does this mean that you verified this with a scale or that you just feel that you are gaining fat? If it's the former, then maybe you should stop and think about what you said, esp with a history of eating disorders.
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make sure to eat the calories you need to make up for this huge amount of calories burned per week.  i run at least 5 miles a day not including sports practices and i eat an upwards of 3000-3500 calories a day lol, but im 15 and growing. but anyways again make sure you are eating enough, and running that much will result in some muscle growth, (some of the largest muscles are in your lower body) and that means added pounds in the short term and less in the long term because more muscle burns extra calories per day, and also make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated for that amount of running you wont lose any weight or even stay healthy with that much water defecit.
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 double post sorry.

when i went through military basic training, we went through gruesome physical training. Girls who NEEDED to lose weight, lost it.  Girls who NEEDED to gain weight, gained weight. No matter how much we put our bodies through.  It's the mysterious science of our bodies

Hey there,

I don't think anyone else has mentioned this, but when you do the same exercise routinely, your body gets used to it and becomes more efficient at doing it.  Which means you're not burning as many calories running now as you were when you started.  

My advice?  Do some other exercise!  You need to switch it up.  Try swimming, or biking, or speed walking, or dancing, or anything!  If you really just want to run, go to and check out the different kinds of running workouts there are.  Running at one pace the same way every day is not going to help you with weight loss.  Are you varying your speed at all when you run?  Try doing sprinting workouts.

 Of course, make sure you're eating properly, as well.  Especially if you're recovering from and ED.  Don't use exercise to purge the calories, take care of yourself.

Goooood luck! 

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 Well, here's what I know!

In order for anyone to lose weight, he/she must reach the fat-burning pulse rate appropriate for his/her age! This can be calculated using this equation:

(220 - your age) x 0.8

and you must maintain this pulse rate result for at least 20 minutes 3x a week!

If you are just jogging or running for fun, and not reaching your "Golden number" you'll be hungry and asking for food more..


this is what i know! 

Seriously, this means you are not eating enough.  My sister in law had an eating disorder and ran 65 miles per week while eating around 1,000 calories a day and gained weight.  Your body is fighting your attempts to starve it to death.  You must raise your calories if you want to exercise that much. 
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