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Running MY first 5K - what was YOUR first time? UPDATE!

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Hi everyone!  Well, I did it!  I signed up for my first 5K which is Sept. 6.  I am curious to hear from others out there what is a good time to run it?  30 min, 36 min, 42 min?  Tell me how fast you went your first time!Laughing

UPDATE:  Well I ran my first 5K this morning!  In the freakin' rain!  Anyway, I had a blast and definately will be signing up for more!  Woo-hoo! time? I did it in 32 min. 20 sec.  My goals were to do it under 35 min and to not walk at all - and I made them both!  Yay me!

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I just had my first time this past Saturday. It was hard but I completed the 5k in 41m30s. During my training I averaged 4.5 mph. I have never been a runner before - this is a new hobby for me.

Good luck on yours!

I love the the 5k! I run XC in school and can't get enough! A good time all depends on you and your goal...and of course how much you have been training! ANyways good luck and I hope you do well!

Glad to see this post! A friend and I are at the tale end of the Couch to 5k. We are signed up for a 5k on Sept 13th! Not much time left.

I was wondering the same thing!

I ran for 26 mins straight last night and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I was taking it slowly though!

Good luck!!!!!

I've done a 2.8 mile race at 18:22. Works out to about 6:35 per mile I think?

I run cross country for my school and I'm going to my sophomore year. I really enjoy it.

I ran my first 5k in June. I came in at 45 mins, I was hoping for 40 but the weather was in the 100s and made it very hard not to get over heated! I was happy though because I made my goal of 40-45 mins.

My first 5K I ran in 31:43,( ran in July '07) I trained at about 5 to 5.5 mph.  So I did okay, and I was soooo proud!  This past May I trained for and ran a 1/2 marathon.  Just a warning: RACING IS ADDICTIVE!  Have fun and good luck!!! Laughing

Thanks so much for all of your replies and well wishes!  I think I'm a pretty slow runner!  I've only been running since March.  I don't really want to RACE for this first time, I just want to finish and say I could do it.  I think I'll make my goal 40-45 min.

I was never a runner and joined a learn to run program, my first race years ago was 31:50, and I was told that is a good average for a fit person.  Did I mention I was 190pds at the time so i was super stoked!  I've been addicted ever since.  The following year I signed up for the 5 again plus 2 10km races and completed the 10km at 1:06.  You can do it, it gets easier the more long slow runs you do.  I never thought I could run 2 hrs until i tried one day.

I just did my first 5K on Sunday.  I came in at about 32 minutes, which I was happy with considering it was extremely hot!

My first 5K is on Sept 27th!  I can't wait :)  I just did 2.4 miles in 27 minutes.  I think I would be thrilled to get done in 35 minutes.

I started running for the first time ever last fall. I ran my first race in December 07.  It was -12c and I completed it in 26:29.   I run a training 5k last week and completed it in 23:59.   Practice makes perfect they say.  Good luck and enjoy.  The first time is really special.

My best time was 28:3, my first was about 34 minutes, but I think just running the whole thing is a great goal for a first time :)

I did my first one last summer in 26:30.  I ran 2-5 miles at a time 4 times per week at about a 10:00 - 10:20 per mile pace.  I've kind of fallen out of the whole running routine lately but it is definately a good workout and stress reliever if you do it consistently.  Best of luck on your 5k; you'll have to post how you did afterwards.  Like Sarah_11235 said though, just completing the first one would be a great first step!

I'm in training on the couch potato to 5K training program.  I'm at week 7 of 12 weeks.  I ran 1 kilometer in about 8 minutes today.  I was pretty thrilled with myself.  I also did mountain climbing on a 1,700 meter (aprox. 5,100 ft) mountain that was pretty much straight up and down three days ago.  It was four hours to the top and three hours down the same route.  I was amazed that I wasn't breathing hard even one time on the way up.  Going down was harder because about half way down the mountain, my muscles got a little sore and it was pretty steep.  Anyway, the training gives you strength reserves that may surprise you.  I am signed up for a 5K race on January 1, 2009 to run with my daughter.  I can't wait.  I am hoping to run it in under 30 minutes.  (When I started, I thought I would walk it and not even try to run. LOL) 

Some other people have mentioned it.  It's pretty addictive this running thing.  I can't decide whether to find a 5K race somewhere around where I live (rural Japan) or wait to visit my daughter in the States and share that "first" run with her. 

Any thoughts on that anyone out there?

Renee - good luck and have fun!


Wow!   You've all done so well!  Maybe I should move my goal up to 30-35 min?

And good luck to those of you also signed up for your first 5K in the next few months!  We'll have to touch base to see how we all did!  I'll post on this thread when I'm done to let you all know how it went.  Thanks for the encouragement!

I would suggest to not make your goal too fast since it's your first 5k.  I did my first 5k in 35 min, but my only goal was to finish and have fun.  My second 5k was 2 minutes faster than my first one.  So, just be patient with yourself.  It takes a while to build up speed and requires consistent training.  I run 4 days/week  with a long run on Sat... but I'm training for a marathon now in November.

I have great endurance but my speed is lacking.  So I do speedwork once each week.

renee:  I would continue your training and then two to three weeks before the race decide the time goal you thinkyou are ready for.  Set it a bit better (eg. 15-30 seconds) than your best training run. Remember to pace yourself during the race as it is really easy to get caught up in the inital rush use up your energy too fast.  Have fun as your first race is an experience you will never forget. Good luck and let us know how you did.

kyashiis: Your first race is a very special experience.  I was able to share mine with a friend which made it even that much better. Later my daughter and I  ran a 10k race together. Even though it wasn't my first race I will treasure the experience for ever.  I never thought in a million years that I would do something like that together.   Good luck


Hi there! I just ran my first 5K last Sunday, and it was great! I had so much fun and I can't wait to do another one! Don't worry so much about how fast you go, make sure to pace yourself. Its easy to want to go faster when other people around you are going faster, but you'll get burned out that way. Couch to 5K was a great training tool, and it really helped me get comfortable with running (I used to hate running!) Have fun, and good luck!

I ran my first 5km after the "Lean to Run" clinic with The Running Room ( I would recomend them to anybody wanting to take up running they have shops everywhere and are so supportive)

The race was actually the first time I ran 5km in the clinic we had worked up from running for 1 minute to running for 20minutes solid, but I ran the race in 10/1 intervals at 180lbs with a total time of 37 minutes.

Good luck!

I did my first a couple of weeks ago (and I never have been a runner). I finished in 33:49, about 5 minutes faster than I had been running on the treadmill. My only goal was to run the whole thing without stopping, since I had only previously been able to do the distance on the treadmill but not outside. You'll be surprised how much being around so many other people running will pump you up. I was and still am extremely proud of myself :)

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