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Running then Cycling...weird effect

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I recently got a new mountain bike - hurrah! and have been cycling about 10-15 miles a day, mix of roads and off road, and average amount of hills.


However, before the bike I was running every day 3-6 miles a day.  Same thing, roads and some woodland running, and slightly hilly.


But since I got the bike I've found running hard.  I don't know if my muscles are freaking out, going from one exercise to the other.  How the heck do triathletes cope!?


When I run it just seems to be so slow now since the bike.  I think the cycling has distorted my perception of speed when running and I just seem to be so lethargic when running.  


Anyone else notice this and any suggestions to make the running better?  I've tried not cycling and running on the same day, and giving it a day between. But I like to do cardio every day.

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It could be fatigue or, like you said, perception.  Have you tried timing yourself when running over the same distance to eliminate the possibility of a perception problem?

Many people coming into Tri from a running background will complain for a period of time that their running has deteriorated, however give it a few months of consistent training and you'll come back a stronger runner with all the strength gained from cycling.

Transition is the fourth discipline in Tri.  We specifically do "brick training" sessions where you practice your effective transition from one discipline to the next.  

When I first started I had jelly legs for at least 30 minutes into the run after a hard ride.

Jumping on the bike for a hard ride after a 2 hour swim is another joy... 

A Tri specific bike is designed  for the purpose of maximizing your quads to save the hamstrings for the run.  That as well as the brick training mentioned above will help your transition to running.


Best wishes

Yes I was going to say that a mountain bike is heavy, and the tyres create considerably more resistance than a road bike, so you'll find it disproportionately hard, and that's why off-road tris such as X-Terra are pretty hard but great fun.

You'll adapt.

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Thanks for the input.


I think it was partly I was knackered, as I had done strength training, then cycled and then ran (bit stupid yes I know) and partly weird time lag perception from cycle to run.

I did 10km the day it felt weird, the time was down, but I seemed to have much more endurance (10km is good for me for all you tri nuts out there), so the cycling has increased my endurance, just have to nail the speed back up to where it was before the cycling. 


Thanks again :)



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