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Runners- how long do you wait before a run after eating

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I guess anyone with an answer.  Goes for exercising too I  guess.  I always wait at least 30mins before exercising and not sure about my running though.
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I am not a runner but this link might help. tip.html#anchor4654369
it really depends on how much i eat, usually i eat 30-40 minutes before i run. i normally eat a fitness bar (90 cals) and sometimes a banana before i go... i eat my true breakfast after my run.

good luck today, let us know how you do!
thanks guys.  I fixed a 4 eggwhite omelette with a little ham and cheese but could only eat half of it.  And a cup of coffee.  I finished all that at 9:30 and its about 10 now.
salome thats some great info! thanks!
Hey Slappy- Spotted this on another post last night-

Basically, it's best to wait a few hours after eating, or instead of burning off stored fat, you're burning what you just ate (Also not bad!)  LOL  

You might notice cramping if you exercise within two hours of eating, also. 
i've read that, too, that you should wait 2-3 hours after you eat to run, i think that is definitely ideal! but if your schedule doesn't allow for that, you need to find something that works for your body... i eat something small to jumpstart my metabolism in the morning, and to help me have energy to get through my runs... i never used to eat before running, but that meant my first meal of the day wasn't happening until 11... not good for the body!
I usually don't like to eat within an hour or 2 of running, but a nutrition bar, like a luna bar, 10 minutes or 20 minutes before running (if you haven't had a meal in a while) can be just the perfect thing to make your distance goal.  
I'm with everyone else... 2 hours after a big meal, maybe an hour to 40 mins after something light (a little granola in soy milk or a luna bar).  As my long runs get longer, I'm definitely having to adjust my eating schedule and find ways to get energy while I'm out, cause a luna bar does NOT cut it for me as far as the energy I need to run 12 miles in the morning!
I always wait at least an hour. Usually I eat something that is easy to digest: banana, oatmeal, sportsbar, toast... go for my run, and then I have my breakfast when I get back.
I always wait at least an hour. Usually I eat something that is easy to digest: banana, oatmeal, sportsbar, toast... go for my run, and then I have my breakfast when I get back.
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I usually wait 45 min. - 1 hour after eating something light-ish...usually a bowl of oatmeal, half of a PowerBar (take other half on the run) and a water of course! I found it keeps me fueled and energised and in case I feel a bit off while I'm out, I've got the other half of the PB! This is for an 8 km run.
I usually run in the morning before I eat anything. But that's usually a fairly short run... longer ones happen at night a few hours after supper.
When you run you first burn the glucose stored in your muscles, and then start to burn fat/protien for energy. You do not burn what you just ate - only what has made it into the muscles for storage!

The waiting time is so that you have finished digesting most of your food - most food passes through the stomach in under 3 hours. This also means your muscles are jam packed full of glycogen when you start!

This is all part of the "carbing up' theory too, but I do not have the glycogen (read energy) to go into all right now.....
I try to wait about 45-60 minutes... this morning i went about 20 minutes after i ate and i was dying because i had such a bad cramp.
like most people here have said, it kinda depends on what i've been eating. if it's just a banana or something small and quick, i can run right away. in fact, i prefer to stoke the fires a wee bit, pre-jaunt. But if i've just eaten a 300-500 calorie meal i ususally wait a good two hours.

in other words, i can't stand running on a full stomache; but it's futile running on empty. 
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