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How to get a "Runner's Body"?

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I say it like you can go out and buy it! ;)


How should I workout?

Should I run everyday? Strength train?

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What is a runner's body to you?  Long distance?  Sprinter?


Ummm..  be born with one?

in my opinion, if you run, & you have a body, then you have a runner's body. :)  runners come in all shapes & sizes, just like everyone else.

What sort of runner's body would you like?

a 100m sprinters body with involve LOTS of strength training as their muscle mass is huge to sustain the power needed to be really fast over a short distance

a marathon runner's body... in my experience many long distance runners never strength train or crross train, they just run 50+ miles a week and consequently are extremely lean with very low body fat...  some can look a bil malnourished in my opinion.

I think triathletes have the nicest bodies.  A lovely upper body shape from the swimming and lovely toned, muscular yet not too skinny legs from the cycling and running.

What do you mean a runners body? Lean, with very little body fat? What kind of running? Long distance, sprints?


Original Post by pirate_annie:

in my opinion, if you run, & you have a body, then you have a runner's body. :)  runners come in all shapes & sizes, just like everyone else.

^ THIS! 

Also, the body of a runner (as the body of any other kind of athlete) will change & develop depending on what kind of muscles are needed to perform their sport more effectively/efficiently.  There is no one type of "runner's body".    


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When I was young and dieting I had several people ask me if I was a runner and said I looked like a runner.  It was such a compliment to me that I finally started running (when in school I didn't even run the full mile).

I haven't heard anyone say it to me randomly recently but at least those comments got me running. 

Dieting gave me that look back then.

 Dieting, Strength training, Running, Spin classes and surfing gave me my best body.

Have you stopped undereating, or are you still eating under 1500 (too low, since you are a teen)?

If you take up running, you are going to have to fuel your workouts.

To quote Mike Boyle, "Women who run successfully for long periods of time were made to run. They look just like men runners. Good female runners generally don't look like plus-size models. It's not a question of cause and effect; it's a question of natural selection. You can't run to get that cute little runner's body. It's actually reversed. You have to have that cute little runner's body to survive running."


i know exactly what you are referring too, alas the slender, small breasted, long legged, toned frame of a runner. if only it could be purchased in a store. well, if you weren't born with it, you need to do just what you are asking; work out in a way in which you can achieve it.  however, you're body shape is the way it is!  meaning if you are a pear shape, you will always be a pear shape,  if have short legs, you cannot make them longer; so celebrate what you have and make THAT the best it can be.

now that being said, i am assuming that you want long lean muscles rather than jacked up muscles.  first i am going to write that i am not a professional trainer, but i have been working out regularly for over 12 years and i have done everything from yoga, to weight lifting, to running, to TRX, to pole dancing.  the exercises that gave me (a short legged pear) the longest, leanest look were running and TRX. unfortunately i have had to stop the running, so now i spin (but i don't put a ton of resistance on) and it's not as slimming as the running, but it's a great work out and amazing for firming up the tushy!

hope that helps :-)

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