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RUN 2, 3..miles but cant run more...why?

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ok I workout Mon thru Friday in the mornings and sometimes I run 2 or 3 miles. Do you think that the reason why I cant run 4 or 5 is b/c I run sooo much?? I want to run 4 but I barely can do 3.

After that I just stop and walk to the gym to get on the elliptical and keep on working on my cardio. I love to run but for some reason I cant manage to run more than 3 miles.

My goal is to get back to running 10K's. I use to be able to run 5 miles without a problem and now I cant.

what should I do?! I drink water everyday. I work in an office doing nothing but typing away. is it something i should eat?

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As with any exercise, you need to start out small and work up. You may want to slow down your pace until you can do the entire 4 miles without walking. Usually, setting the pace is the hardest thing to learn. 

You can also start out with the distance, and purposely break it up into walk/run intervals, and then the walk intervals will get fewer and the runs will get longer until you are running the entire distance.  Check out the Learn to Run Thread in the Fitness forum for a good breakdown: 8.html

Keeping hydrated and eating right helps, but the most important for that distance is to condition your body.
Jog Slower.
Not a lot to say on this one.  Though I took 3 years of Track during highschool and did jogging every day for another 1 year afterwards.  The main problem I saw during that time is that people set a pace that is too fast for them (depending on the distance they want to go).  I started out BARELY above a walk, I don't even know if it would have passed as "jogging", more tiring then walking but I could go whatever distance I needed.  After this speed is slowly built up.

There's also a chance that you dont eat enough pre-workout. Basically your body works out on glucose, and when you run out of glucose, you feel like you hit a brick wall. You didn't say WHY you can't run farther - breathing, legs tired... but if it does feel like you hit a brick wall, that means you need to eat more when you wake up.

I'm going to quote myself from another post:

"Let me make another case for eating before - before eating in the morning, your blood sugar is low and your metabolism is slowed down. Therefore, you have less energy to use while running.

Now, the argument could be made that "you have fat in your body, so you HAVE energy", but before you hit the point to use it, you will be too tired... which ties what I was saying into what bodyscience said about your energy use (glycogen-amino acids-fat). When you run out of glycogen (which is gained through eating carbs and is directly tied to blood sugar), your body will hit a point that it doesn't want to work anymore, called being in glycogen debt. Once you hit this point, your workout is over.

SO you need to eat food in the morning to raise your blood sugar and give you some extra energy. Otherwise, you will not be able to work out as effectively. bodyscience is right, don't eat right before you work out - I usually eat 1-2 hours before working out. "

Now, you say you've been able to do elliptical, but remember that the elliptical is much easier to do... so you're probably not getting the maximum workout possible.

it takes alot of time.

when i first started running, i was SO out of breath after 1/4 of a mile, now i can run for 10k without stopping or needing to stop at all.

You may be trying to push yourself.  For me, it helped to have a routine.  If you go to and click on free programs, there are a few great programs to follow.  Based on where you are now, you can choose a program to help you run a 10k, for instance.  They say you shouldn't try to increase your speed/distance by more than 10% a week, so try to be patient, and I think it will come to you.  Happy running!

Hi there! I have found out that my running really depends on my mental game! If I think I can't do it, I won't be able to. I really have to push very hard to get past my mental blocks that I set up when I run. I think that it's too hard to run my intervals... try to push thru it!

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yea i hate giving up. I feel like a loser! I ran yesterday for 2.5 miles again...and then did some 3 sets of 50 jumping jacks, 3 sets of 20 pushups, & 3 sets of 30 crunches. then I got up and ran a lap=.5 mile....and I was really tired. the sun came out and I give up. I never use to get out of breath but now I do. I love to work out but wish I can run longer. I use to run long distance when I was in High School and for the past 2 years.

I get upset that I am trying to run longer but 3 is the max. I want more. I will try to run longer but slower and see how that goes. I do have a habit of timing myself every lap. maybe that is why I get upset at myself. I will just run and stop when I KNOW i am weak to run. LOL..

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