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Rowing Vs. Running

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Hey, I was just wondering if I'm selling myself short by getting my cardio work out solely rowing on the erg. I have hip problems and find that running definitely doesn't help them but was wondering if the benefits to running are way better then rowing. Just curious what people thought are on this. Thanks!

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Kind of depends on how long you like to exercise, and what other exercises that you are doing. I'm mostly a runner, as far as cardio goes, but if I only had 30 minutes to exercise, I believe that the C2 would be better overall for me than running or inclined walking (or any other machine).

I can't take much more than 30 minutes on a C2 erg, because my rear starts to hurt. Some people can go for an hour or more though.

Last time I was at the gym I rowed for 45 minutes, didn't have time to do anything else that day, but normally I try to hit the weights too. It was just my first day back after an injury back in September. I'm trying to lose the tummy fat I have, so just want to know which of the tow is best, if either.

Like I said, I am a runner that rows occasionally, but think rowing is a healthier, more versatile exercise. It hits more muscles, has a larger range of motion, and is definitely better for your abdominal muscles (the return part of the stroke). It is painful for guys that have a bony butt.

I've rowed on a C2 in the past, and know what it is like. I have a knee injury at the moment, and will likely switch to rowing for a month while it heals.

There used to be a great rowing thread here on CC ("row the Nile"). I learned a lot from those experienced rowers. If I get a bigger house someday, a C2 will be the main piece of cardio equipment.

I never ran- never run I have shin splints and it hurts to run.  I don't do much in the steady state cardio arena at all.  I do sometimes use the rower at the gym though as part of a metabolic workout.  I like the rower cause it works legs and arms and abs.  If you like rowing then row, if you like running then run - or do both

I would put more emphases on weight training.  Do that first then add the cardio if you have time after or on non lifting days.

Look into metabolic workouts/ intervals type workouts for a much better fat burn.  In the last year since doing metabolic workouts vs "cardio" I have lost a lot of inches and more pounds.

The only downside of running that I can come up with, is that rowing is not a weight bearing exercise and therefore does not strengthen your bones.  How about walking?  That may be kinder on your hips.  Personally, I wouldn't trade running for anything-rowing is only for when I am injured, though I might like it more if I were in a real scull on a river or lake somewhere :)

When it comes to cardio, it doesn't matter what you do, just depends on whether the exercise can maintain your goal heart rate.  I can agree with your method since its easier on you, people have lost joints running.  Full body movement is also a plus for conditioning.

i have spinal stenosis, which equates to absolutely no running and walks of only 15 minutes or so. rowing (depending on how aggressive you are) is an excellent exercise. you are using legs,back,chest and arm muscle to move. when i was younger i did personal training but now at 71 i do not, but i do still set up programs for older people and rowing is excellent for young and old. to get into shape one does not have to run or use big weights. i will admit that i did both in my younger years and that may have helped in leading me to back surgery, knee replacement and hip replacement as running is not easy on joints and neither is power lifting.

I run 30 miles per week or more because I need the escape and it works for me, but spend my lunch hour at the gym.  I usually do the elliptical, to cross train, but occasionally do row.  I am always slightly sore the next day after rowing so it hits something I don't ususally work out.  If you get your heart rate to the proper point, you will get the cardio benefits you are seeking and added bonus of arms and ab work out....even sometimes I find my legs are sore, but not sure if that is because of the weight training I do in addition to the cardio....whatever you find you love, DO IT....that is the key to all of this.  You have to do it consistently and with all of your heart and it will work for you.  I do not think there is one plan that fits all.  Good luck in your journey.....I do stationary biking while watching TV.  In the course of 6 months, I went from New Orleans to New York to of your goals could be to chart the distance of the Mississippi River!  Those kind of goals are always fun to achieve.

There is no one "best" exercise,  or any exercise that will trim belly fat more so than another exercise.  It is important to vary your exercise plan now and then,  to avoid mental boredom and to avoid over-developing some muscles at the expense of under-developing others.

Just mix it up and try some new things.  I'd say the "best" exercises are the ones you'll do!

As an ex-collegiate rower, and someone who has spent more time on an erg than most people have exercised in their lifetimes -

The erg is a great piece of equipment for exercising. While it doesn't burn as many calories as running does at a given intensity, it has pros over running, such as

(a) you can do it indoors at any time

(b) it is lower impact than running

(c) it works out more muscles than running

(d) you can easily do intervals, sprints, or long pieces

(e) you can put the drag all the way up and make it a good resistance work out

(f) it'll give you a sick body (at least it did for me!)

The cons are

(a) if you are doing it hard enough, it should be mentally and physically painful, which some people can't handle

(b) it gets monotonous

(c) you need to purchase the machine, which can be expensive

(d) people who have bad technique (which are most people who have no rowing background) are prone to injuring themselves


If you ever want tips on good erg workouts shoot me a message. Like I said I erg'ed for thousands of hours during college

I prefer cycling to running/jogging. But when my bikes put me down and need repair, I have to run for some cardio [or a video]. But my cycling routine burns WAY more cals than my running routine.

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