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is rollerblading good exercise?

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is roller blading good exercise????

and if soo.. for what muscle groups?

does it assist in weight loss?
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Anything that you enjoy that gets you off the couch is good exercise...

And any good exercise will help you lose weight...

Not sure which muscle groups
Rollerblading is great for the back and leg muscles. It is also a great aerobic exercise. Ch-ch-check it out!
I find it way easier to rollerblade than run. So i go out about 4 times a week. I think its really good exercise, it burns a lot of calories. It's probably not as benificial if you do a lot of coasting or light skating. As for muscle groups im not sure, but definitly the leg muscles.
Its an awesome workout.  I remember back when I was in college my and my friend went roller blading almost everyday in the spring.  I actually found my self witha 4 pack and I didn't have to do one crunch.  I was just burning so much fat that my already strong abs were allowed to show.  Needless to say I am back to rollerblading these days
Hmm...I forgot all about my rollerblades!  Definitely a good workout!  I bought a new pair during college so I could keep up with my friends (had some REALLY old, crummy ones before with wheels that barely turned anymore).  So...I have practiacally new blades in my closet...

They are definitely coming soon as it stops raining...
yeah supposedly rollerblading burns up to 700 calories an hour, which is ridiculous as its so much fun. I love when fun things turn out to be the best things for you! example: swimming.
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