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i know this should go in fitness, but i was wondering why rollerblading has such a high calorie burnage per hour (over 700) i think that's more then running! and you dont feel nearly as tired afterword!

can someone tell me if they rollerbladed and got really toned from it? thanks (:
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no one rollerblades? *cries*

maybe thats the problem.
I think that would have to be really hardcore rollerblading. My boyfriend and I rollerblade around my neighborhood for fun but there's no way we burn 700 cals/hr. That's probably if someone is like on ramps and stuff.
so rollerblading for three miles wouldnt do very much for me then?

would rollerblading for three miles be the equivelent of running 1.5 miles?
It is like strolling, or power walking, or running, or sprinting.  There is rollerblading and then there is rollerblading, if you know what I mean.  Higher intesity = more cals burned.  You can gauge intensity by measuring heart rate.
rollerblading burns more than running cause you are using a lot more muscles.  You have to keep balance and there is the pusing out movement of you legs which work more muscles.  the best way is to bend slightly at the knes almost like a tiny squat this works your butt sooo good.  Keep up a good pace with an elevated heart rate and you will be burning cals like crazy.  Just like running if you don't push yourself you won't see the best results.
I can't agree that rollerblading burns more calories than running. The wheels are assisting in the movement so you don't have to work as hard to move your body weight.
If you do a search for 'roller' in the activity log, there's also another activity listed for in-line skating that's got a much lower calorie burn - maybe too low, I don't know. I'd really like an answer to this too - I would sleep in my skates, if I could get away with it.  I've been logging it as ice skating, for the most part.

On one hand, you're working a major muscle group - your quads and hamstrings, just like in bicycling. And to go the same speed as someone on a bike, you have to expend about twice the amount of energy that they do (I heard that somewhere and I'm not sure if it's true. I guess it'd have to be leisurely biking - maybe ten miles an hour?). On the other hand, you glide more and you can coast down hills, and once you build up enough strength in your thighs, you don't need to make as many strides, so it probably ends up being not as good for cardio.

Anyway, this is just one long post to tell you that I have absolutely no idea. But if you like it, keep doing it. Anything's better than sitting on the couch, right? :)
I love rollerblading! I started easy, but now I do between 6-10 miles per day. I go about 8 miles per hour and am trying to get even faster so that I can finish a half marathon in San Francisco in August. I get a really good workout and my heartrate stays up (sometimes too high and I need to slow it down). The only problem though is that I also have no idea how many calories it burns. The activity log here in CC says 700, but I put out a blog the other day asking the same question as you and no one's given me any sort of definite response. Someone recommended getting a heart monitor to gauge it. I don't really have money for that though. If anyone else's ever measured it, please post so that we have something to go off of. Meanwhile, keep rollerblading, z0mgkatie, I have seen a difference in my health!
Im a big rollerblade fanatic!  Its the most fun.  Its easy once you get the hang of it.  I can do it for an hour easily.  Usually 2 because its so much fun.

I have totally used it to loose weight and get really toned throughout the entire leg area and butt, incuding those stubborn calves.  Even my abs get shaped up because you use them to stabilize yourself.  Just the best workout I can imagine, really.  And it teaches balance and graceful movements.  If you get really good you can do all kinds of crazy tricks.  I love it.

Some advice:  The calorie burn tools can be hard to use to calculate  an accurate Calorie burn.  To figure out a reasonable Calorie burn you should start off by calculating what your average rate is.  Like is it 8 miles per hour, 10 mph?  Get a good approximation and use that to determine how many calories your workout burns. 

I find that an hour is more like 450 Calories, for me.  For others it might be higher. 
today i rollerbladed 6 miles. but i'd say about 1/3 of it was downhill. but its so much fun! do you really get your abs toned? and your butt? AND your hamstrings?

*throws away treadmill*

im totallyyy addicted!

i think tomorrow i'm going to go to the weightroom though and try to tone up some more. because im not seeing anythin over there. so i think im gonna split it up. some days rollerblade, some days weight train. i just hate running. and i feel like if i love rollerblading, i'll do it more and enjoy myself.

i mean, i liked rollerblading 6 miles more then i ever liked running one mile. and i feel like running one mile and rollerblading 6 is a little more then equivalent, right? :)

one thing i did notice, however, is that i didnt get as much of a 'heart pumping' thing as i did with running, even though i was blading for 45 straight minutes.
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I'd love to know the answer to this question as well, 'cause i actually stopped rollerblading and switched to running because i thought i'd burn more calories this way. (at least it felt like it when i got back from a 2 mile jog!)

But if i can get back to rollerblading and it means burning the same if not more calories than jogging, then consider myself signed up.
so do you guys think that blading 6 miles is the same as running 1.7 miles?

i dont want to take up an exercise i cant see results from :(
rollerblading is an awesome workout.  When I was in college I would go roller blading everyday with my friend.  Maybe only for 45min.  I had 4 pack abs, 24 inch waist and looked awesome without ever lifting a weight.  Its is a good balanced workout and works more muscles than runner cause you use so many stablizer muscles.  I would bet that if you ran for 1/2 hour and went rollerblading for 1/2 you would burn the same amount of cals if not a little more.  Simply because of how many muscles you are using, that equals more cal burned
I fell on my ass yesterday! Ouch. I've never before been grateful for having some cushioning back there! ;-)  I need to get the protective gear... especially the wrist guards and a helmet.  Luckily, I was braking and going very slowly down a hill to get to the trail (before even starting my workout), but if I had been going faster, I would be hurting today a lot more! Anywayz... just thought I'd share that. But, I really love rollerblading and I'm so glad that there are others that do too. I'll start logging about 450 an hour instead of 700. That kinda sucks b/c I thought I was burning more, but that's okay b/c I'd rather be honest than just counting wrong numbers and be confused why I'm not losing weight.
im definately making this my core sport for tonage. i hope it works!

I'll can tell you that you are not the only one with the question about cals burned roller blading.  There are more accurate number of cals burned out there on other website, don't have it on hand right now but check another forum or search yourself.  Anyway, I will say that I do get a good workout rollerblading.  I go with my border collie who can run like the wind and while the first 5 minutes is her pulling me we then get into a pace where we are both keeping up with eachother.  I usually give myself about 550 to 600 cals burned.  this is an estimate based on my own assessment of how fast I"m going and what I've read on other sites.

What I've also found, however, is that I have plateaued, so to speak, because I only rollerblade for cardio.  Everyone always says, mix it up to see better results but I can't run with my dogs, they can both kick my butt, and frankly, I have not found anything as fun as the blading.  So I'm now trying to at least get some weight training in.  Long story long, I would answer yes, I did get more toned but only up until a point then I stopped seeing more results.  

I roller blade around my neighboiurhood a few times a week, I love it
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I think I trust this website a little more.. it has a different category for casual rollerblading, which I'm sure is what I do.. my heart rate is up a bit but it's hard to go fast on the neighborhood sidewalks!
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Here's a good article that sheds some light on the rollerblading vs. running debate.

In my opinion, I love rollerblading and prefer it to running, however, I think a combination is best. Besides, I live in Alberta and the snow is coming soon :P

I'm going to learn to love my treadmill! ts.htm

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I just found this as well. Most casual skaters go between 8-10 mph.

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