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How to get rid of sore muscles?

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Tuesday night I found out that I had to teach two dance classes, as well as take a dance class. Three hours of intense modern wore me out. I've been sore as crap ever since.

Needless to say it's really hard exercising when you're sore, so could anyone give me some tips on how to sooth the sore muscles, especially in the legs, so I can get up and exercise again?

Thanks very much =]
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Anything that is intensely sore I would ice.  You are not supposed to use heat until at least 48-72 hours after the fact- it can cause more damage.

I just read an article in my Oxygen magazine about how to perform active release therapy on yourself using a foam roller and your body weight.  If you have the money you could go and get a massage.

My personal fave- a hot bath with epsom salts (said to draw the toxins out of your muscles) and some stretching afterwards.  The personal active release is suppose to help with the areas that won't stretch anymore due to "knots".

That's all I've got!  HOpe you feel better.  :)
somebody told salome that an amino acid, l-glutamine helps
I have been taking L-Glutamine Supplement and it is working great for me.  I bought it for $6.
Thank you guys. I'll try those and hope they work. =]
Heh- my way is silly, but I do very light stretching and exercise. (VERY light and not intense at all)

It helps me, but I'm weird. Good luck! : P

i haven't heard of anyone taking l-glutamine before, as someone mentions in this thread.  but my leg muscles are often sore, and lately my chest is really sore. 

do others have experience w/l-glutamine (or other supplements) for muscle soreness? 

I myself swear by hot baths. There was one time where I had to lift over 2700lbs in one and a half hours at my job and - being a short-assed girl - was completely wasted. A piping hot bath did wonders to me afterwards. I didn't feel sore the next day at all.

Hot baths don't work for me :/

Really the only thing I find works for me is time. Also try not to use the sore muscle too much - last week I had a sore muscle in the inner/upper thigh area from a class, I took the next day off from the weight machines but tried to go on an exercise bike for awhile, my leg was worse the next day.

Depends on what it is, but there are a lot of things I do.

I usually try to remember to do a great many stretches before and after exercise.

I sometimes use a electronic muscle stimulator to tire the muscles out so that they loosen up and go back into place (an EMS, not a TENS). I purchased a decent one on eBay for less than 50 dollars.

My husband might rub the affected areas with a sports cream.

Icing me is a bad idea... I just tense up and make things worse. So, I wait a while, then do a hot soak.

Sometimes I will just give myself a few days off.
Phoenix has the right idea, actually. Warm up the affected muscles with Very Mild Cardio - for legs, a slow stagger around the block should be sufficient; at the end of the walk your blood flow should be up a bit and your muscles should start to feel a bit of temporary relief. That's when you do a series of gentle stretches of the affected muscles until you've cooled down.

 That should both relieve the worst of the soreness and shorten recovery time considerably; repeat as needed. This is for general post-exercise soreness and Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness though, not for pulled muscles or injuried tendons - those you take to the doctor.

 From personal experience I can tell you that this advice works very well on hamstrings that are practically crippled by DOMS from too much deadlifting, and quads that are stiff and sore from overdoing bodyweight squats.

 It's a pain to do though, literally - you do need to force yourself to do the first couple dozen painful yards until the increased blood flow starts helping.

How about simply resting??

If you're so sore that you can't workout, that's your body yelling at you to let it recover!

If you really feel the need to work out make it an upper body day. 

If you push your legs before they're ready to be pushed you're asking for an injury. Trust me, it's not worth it!

Hope you feel better. 


 u should try and take an ice bath!! it works thats wat we do right after football practice and were nv sore the next day.....

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The only things that help me are long hot showers or walking on the treadmill with an incline.

Try to walk around as much as possible and stretch whenever you can.

Make sure you are drinking enough water also.

Ice doesn't really feel like it works for me but I have friends that swear by this method:

Fill up dixie cups about half way, freeze them, then rip the bottom off just enough so you can still hold it and rub it on the sore area.

Feel better!


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