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Resting Heart Rate: what's yours?

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I just took my resting heart rate, and counted a solid 58 bpm.  It just surprised me quite a bit, because I thought average was around 68-72.  I guess this means either I'm in good shape (yay), or I'm dying (boo). =) 

I also have very low blood pressure, which may be connected?  Thoughts? (Sorry, I don't have numbers for the BP offhand.)

What's YOUR resting heart rate? And per minute now, no smart-bums please. =)
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mine is usually around 60-65.. 58 actually sounds ok to me.. but i'm no expert.. :)  
55-60, sometimes a little lower. Who is it average for? I'm certainly not a professional athlete. XP
A heart rate of less than 50 beats per minute is usually considered a slow heart rate (bradycardia). Well-trained athletes often have slow heart rates, but this is not normal for most people. 3825.asp

As you get fitter, your resting heart rate should decrease. This is due to the heart getting more efficient at pumping blood around the body, so at rest more blood can be pumped around with each beat, therefore less beats per minute are needed. e.htm

Target heart rates while exercising: identifier=4736

My resting heart rate is around 55bpm and blood pressure is 100/70
"The normal heart rate at rest is usually between 60 and 100 beats per minute."

 The Merck Manual of Medical Information
mine's usually around 58 too, and my bp is also low, ~110/60.  don't know if those are connected, but my doc says it's great, so I think you're just in good shape (yeah!)
Mine is about 56-60 and bp is 100/70.... nice to see I am not alone.
Keep in mind that it can be genetic, too.  Some people genetically have higher RHR then other people.

Honestly, I wish I knew what mine was, but usually after I wake up, I realize I have 10 minutes to get dressed and be in class across campus so my heart rate spikes...
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