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Rest day when working out????

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I've heard that a rest day is as important as working out! What does it do?? Is it bad to workout every day?? Should I workout like 5 times a week and rest 2 days?? Or workout 6 times a week and rest one day? Please helppp I dunno what to do! Could that be the reason why I'm not losing any weight after working hard and eating right for almost 3 weeks now??? Because I workout every day!!

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what kind of working out are you doing? It could be water weight (if you just started working out) could be that you are putting on muscle. 

Rest days are important. If you are doing weight training take a day off between or work upper body one day and lower the next. One day a week should be totally off.

I usually do just weight training and cardio workouts every day. Like I'd do maybe 15 or 20 min of weight training then after do 20 min of cardio. And I've been exercising for yearss! I've just gained some weight over the summer and the first semester of college :/

You probably plateaued since you don't vary your workouts and intensities.  You need to keep your body off balance in terms of not letting your body get used to workouts.  Try interval training.  Here are some ideas: g ining/SM00110

If you start working out intensely, you will see growth, but will need rest days or days for recovery.  Depending on your fitness level, it could be every other day.  Or 2 days on, 1 day off, or 3 days on 1 day off. 

For muscle and strength growth, lift heavier and lower reps.  People told me for women about 8-12 reps so if you can do more than 12 reps, you should go heavier, for about 3 sets.  If you are lifting heavier, you will need recovery between sets and recovery days.  This will allow for maximum effort when you do lift.  You should also avoid working the same parts on consecutive days.




I usually do HIIT training almost every day plus extra cardio after that like the elliptical or treadmill but since I'm on Xmas break, I started doing those Jillian michaels ripped in 30 workouts, are those good?

If you work out hard and eat 'right' and not lose weight, I think you gotta re-check your eating again. Maybe you're not eating enough, maybe you're eating too much, we don't know. But there is no way that you work out hard and eat well and still not lose anything. 

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