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Rest Day- food advice please

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I have worked out the last 7 days. I have bought 2 new workout dvds a Jillian Michael and a flow yoga and have had a lot of fun trying them out. However I have woken up tired , dehydrated and with the start of a cold. My body is also shouting for protein and rest.

Part of me still wants the fun of exercise but it makes sense to give my body a chance to recuperate. Why does part of me want to put on a tracksuit and go out?

I would also like to know about calories for a rest day. I ususally eat 1600ish, should I eat more, the same, or less today? I want eggs and chicken and ham and...... Should I indulge?

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When I have rest days I usually make sure that I don't exceed more than I normally would - but I found that it's hard due to the fact that you're not exercising and tend to stray towards food more often..well atleast for me.

I usually eat around 2100-2200 on active days. On rest days I make sure to not go over 2000. Some people argue and say to eat the same everyday, so I guess it just depends on your personal preferences.

As for indulging - go ahead. Just make sure that you don't go over your calorie budget. You're going to probably get back into exercising tomorrow. And if you go over..oh well. It's St Patrick's Day! :) Just do a little something extra tomorrow if you want to.

I happen to eat above the normal on rest days. The reason is, if you are at a deficit all week and exercising, it helps to replenish carbohydrates and repair muscle damage. It works for me and re-energizes me for the week ahead. It also goes along with the logic of having an "off" day, which is helpful both mentally and physically. 

I have fibromyagia so I know that rest days are important. You have to listen to your body it`s important. If your craving protein and rest then you should listen. Your body needs the protein. I work out 3 days on and 1 day off. It sounds wimpy but at least I`m working out between 5 to 6 days a week. You have to remember the people on the biggest looser campus are in a game to win and they don`t go to work or anything else and we don`t know if they have rest days. It sounds like you might be a fan, I know I am. But to be realistic you need to rest you listen to any exercise expert and they tell you to have rest days. One tip I did get from Gillian Michaels in my email is when to exercise if your sick. She said that if your sick from the neck up, you can still work out, but if your sick from the neck down, rest and get better. I hope this helps.

Our bodies "crave" what they need - this is why pregnant women have such weird cravings, sometimes the mixture of weird food has the nutrients the body wants so if you need protein eat it.  Just make sure to also eat fruits and veggies!!

I wouldn't really worry about calorie intake/ output (starve a cold feed a fever or is it feed a cold starve a fever-) - if you are feeling like you are getting ill then you need to eat healthy to get well quicker.  find foods high in zinc, vitamin C and D- D is a great immunity booster.  Extra supplements won't hurt

Rest and help your body recover.  going over calories for a day or two will not make you fat over night.  I sometimes have cheat days/ weekends and still manage to either maintain or even lose even with no deficits.

Rest relax and get well

Thank you for all your sage and kind advice. I went out, but not to exercise. I went and had chicken salad with a friend and we split a portion of fries. I feel much better mentally and physically.

I have been at work and also looking after my husband and daughter who have got the same virus. They have both been really ill and actually are a bit better today. I guess I needed to have a rest day if every possible way.

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