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Resistance Bands?

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 I have been running, working up my mileage, for about 9 weeks now. I have barely lost any weight. I was thinking about adding a resistance band routine 2 mornings a week, instead of just running 5 times a week, and cutting it down to running 3 times a week. Has anyone used resistance bands with good results? 5'3", 151 pounds, 1500-1600 calories a day, trying to lose weight and tone up.

Or if anyone has any advice on why I may not be losing weight, that would also be helpful! Thank you!
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do you mean the giant elastic band that you stretch to work your arms and legs? I have one that i use occassionally in conjuction with ballet, its supposed to tone muscles by adding pressure to the movements. Cant say it would count as an excerise, may tone you a little if you used it a  lot but it wont replace other excerise.
Hi albob,

we use the resistance bands in pilates for some of the beginner exercises before doing them without them and also for stretching so I would have to agree with chelseagirl about it not really being a work out.

I would suggest replacing two of your runs with weight lifting and some light cardio. Weight lifting is best followed by cardio to loosen up the muscles afterwards. Of course you'll also have to warm up prior to lifting.

When you build some muscle your metabolism will go up and building muscle helps burn more calories and will help you make loose inches.
I tried them out at the gym the other day and I was pretty sore yesterday, still can feel my triceps a bit.  I'm going to work with them some more today - I'm also trying to work on my muscle mass as there seems to be a consensus that weight or resitance training speeds up weight loss. 
Ya... a pound of fat burns 1 to 3 calories just maintaining itself, muscle burns like 100 to 140 calories just maintaining itself.  That is a huge difference, plus as Sabineyver said your metabolism is better and your body uses more food you are eating to maintain muscle and it isn't there to store as fat. I think since i've started lifting it's got me going again pretty good. Oh, almost forgot to mention what when you are done with cardio you stop burning extra calories, but after lifting weights your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate for several hours. All good things...
Wow, thanks archer531 for that info.  Now I'm REALLY psyched to go to the gym this afternoon!! 
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also to add onto the gentleman above, do u hit ur 60-70 percentage heart rate? that would also keep a pretty steady pump after a workout. the resistance bands are alright but the weights will also heighten ur hate rate, even when you lift heavy weights, say also 60-70 percent of your body weight. doing a circuit will also add on to ur weigh loss!
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