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Resistance bands

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I recently started working out with resistance bands on the days I am not on the treadmill.  Can anyone tell me how many calories you burn doing various exercises using the bands for 30 minutes?  Thanks!

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Depends on various things including what ''various exercises'' you are actually your weight, age, etc.

If you are doing the typical resistance band exercises done by most females, the actual calorie burn is minimal. That's not the point of those types of exercises. To me, it's such a small amount, it's not much different than casual activity and not worth adding in--but I burn a lot of calories during cardio, so that extra number is not important. . If it is important for your motivation to give yourself some tangible "credit" for your workout, then just list 100 extra calories, and that should be in the ballpark. 

I agree.  The burn of things like that is negligible.  I've used them for injury rehabilitation to re-build functional strength gently, but the burn is so small it's hardly worth writing down.

Thanks for all your input.  I am doing it for definition mostly but I was just curious if any calories were burned.  I live in a rural area and so my ability to get to a gym is limited.  I do the treadmill to burn calories and cardio and the bands for a more "gym" workout.  Appreciate your replies!

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