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resistance bands

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i had once purchased a resistance band.  it was made by the firm and was medium resistance and i couldn't lift above my head while stepping on it.  i returned it and got one that was light resistance (also the firm brand).  i tried to do it with the video i already had (sexy arms) and it was way too hard!  i could hardly get my arms past my shoulders and everyone on the video were stretching the bands over their heads! i then tried the band with the video that came packaged with it (made by the firm) and it was way to easy!  grrr.  i returned it as well in frustration.

i now have slim in 6 and they use resistance bands.  i was wondering if anyone could recommend a resistance band that would be good for me to use.  i'm nervous to try again!
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Did you get the right length of band? Even a light weight band that is too short won't let you stretch it above your head.

I wanted to start a pilates video that used a resistance band, so picked up a pack of them at a store. When I got them home, I couldn't use them the way the video did and noticed that the ones of the video were way longer. I ended up buying one from a physiotherapy clinic that cut a piece for me off a huge roll. Medical supply stores will also sell them like that, often in different weights.
wow, i hadn't even thought about length of the band!
does anyone know of brands that worked for them?
I bought Billy Blanks - All New Tae Bo Boot Camp Elite and it comes with 'Billy Bands'.  They are long enough to stretch overhead and he shows you how to use them in the video.
I'm lurking on this thread...I'm looking at buying resistance bands soon. I looked at Bodylastics because they got great reviews, but I don't know.
are you unsure of the brand or the idea of resistence bands themselves?
The brand. :) I don't want them to snap on me! I want the ones with handles and stuff. You know?
i just got a dvd from a friend for winsor pilates with the resistance band - it's *perfect*! it's better, by the way, to get a band that is too long/light, because you can adjust where you grip the band, or roll it around your hands a few times to make the resistance just right. works like a charm!
great information, thanks!!  i am looking for a good brand to buy ... just trying to pick out a good one since my last one wasn't so great.  i think i will buy a light one based on sahrens recommendation!

it seems that a lot of people buy them with videos, but i would like to just buy it on its own since i already have videos that use them.

i saw in another forum someone mentioned that they liked the SPRI brand and they sell them at target.  i think i'll go there and get one and give it a run!
for anyone looking to buy a resistance band ... i LOVE the SPRI brand light resistance band that i purchased.  i bought it on amazon for 9.99 (couldn't find it at target as expected).  it works great and i see lots of room for improvement so i think it'll be awhile before i can upgrade to medium resistance, LOL!!

thought i'd post this for anyone looking for one! :)
I bought the SPRI ones too! They're great!!

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Teenwolf,  I agree with you on the stretch bands.  I did find some that work very well.  They are called "Bodylastics".   They are $50.00 and you get a program, 4 different sized resistance bands, instructions, a free membership to the program, you can even use the door as a way to use the bands and several attachments for different types of exercises.  They have free videos online to watch so you can learn alot  from them.  No shipping fees either.  I love mine.  No I am not a sales person for them either.  Just an ordinary woman needing to find something to help me lose this weight. Good luck!!

outback84069 I know you haven't responded to this thread in 7 months, but I was hoping to get a follow up on Bodylastics. I'm thinking about investing in them and was wondering if you still use yours and what do you think of your progress with them.

I love working out, but don't always have time to go down to my workout room which is my basement that currently has our home remodeling crap stacked in my workout area. I have enough time in the morning which I prefer for my workouts to do something but I'm limited for space anywhere else in the house but have lots of doors.

Also, my knees are healing so the gym membership isn't ideal right now. Do you still recommend these resistance bands and which tension did you purchase. I've been doing the reading and somehow I don't think basic will be enough.

Would be interested in your feedback.


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