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rehydrating after exercise.

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I'm usually well-hydrated throughout the day, and I do my cardio workouts at night at about 8pm.

Before I workout I drink 500ml (16oz) of water. During my hour-long session I drink another 250ml (8oz), and straight after I finish I drink another 500ml (16oz). Usually after I'm home I will also drink one cup of weak milk tea before I go to bed around 11pm.

I sweat a lot during my workouts, so I figured I needed to rehydrate. But if I weigh myself the morning after, I'm usually down by around a lb. Is it possible that by drinking so much in a short space of time my body can't absorb all the water and I'm still dehydrated?

Advice would be appreciated.

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Actually no as long as you feel satisfied your fine, though there is a biological indicator. The next time you pea if the color is close to water then your perfectly hydrated, if it's yellow then you need to drink more water.


Plus when your measuring your weight you really have to consider multiple factors here such as fat-weight, bone-weight, muscle weight, height, water-weight, etc. 

Rule of thumb, weigh before and after excerise and drink 16 oz. of water for every pound lost. (and what he said)

Hmm, I never thought of weighing before and after to see how much I'd lost. Thanks!

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