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Recovery drink recipies?

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Hello i am going to be starting P90 and was wondering how important is the recovery shake im looking to lose weight and get toned but what im reading is that for people looking to lose weight should not have these is this correct?


I have also read that if my goal is weight loss i should have a 1:1 carb to protein ratio i cannot find any recipies for this perticular requirments does anyone have a recipe?

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I've heard chocolate milk is a good protein drink substitute (and cheaper!). I guess you could play around with different amounts of chocolate and milk but you basically get protein from milk and carbs from the chocolate. I'm planning on switching when my protein shake mix runs out.


Here is my super thick mango smoothie/pudding to try and slurp up a straw recipe;

100g mango

30g vanilla whey protein powder

100ml light unsweetened soya milk

3 cups ice + 200ml water

1/2 tsp xanthan gum + 1/2 tsp guar gum

Optional sweetener (spelenda etc) of choice


Crush ice then blend blend BLEND!!!

This makes a ton! A complete blender full!

Its higher in carbs than my usual shakes but perfect after an intense training session :)

Nutritional info (based on the whey and milk brands that I use)

Whole recipe (entire 1500 ml blender full!!!) = 215 kcal, 23.3 g protein, 21.4g carbs, 4g fat and a whole lot of deliciousness!

I often use 75g of berries instead of te mango which makes it lower carb, or just a straight up chocolate whey with no fruit which is even lower. However, this mix is nearest to the 1:1 carb protein ratio you're after.

Original Post by goldenboy12:

was wondering how important is the recovery shake 

Not very important for most people.   You'll do fine with a normal meal that has some protein.  This article explains more: ition/05Best.html

I am supposed to drink a similar shake for breakfast could i skip that and just drink this if i workout before breakfast?

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