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Rebounding (mini trampoline)

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Anyone have a link to an exercise routine or video for a mini trampoline? I've searched on here and on google and I've found names of moves but not much in the way of descriptions of them (I've never done it), or a full routine. I am looking to rebound for about 30 mins and don't know what to do!

If anyone knows of a video on YouTube or something similar, that might be the best thing because then it would have the right music too!

And in lieu of all that... if someone here is willing to spend the time to describe to me what I should be doing (to warm up and during the workout and how fast and anything else helpful) I would be quite appreciative :)

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Hi, vanessa1031!

I hope you have fun with it! I know I have fun with mine. What a great present to give to yourself!

 I've been rebounding for a year and a half, and I'm not tired of it yet (although I do have other forms of exercise, too)!

Let us know how it goes when you get it!
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Contessa, if you're in an overall calorie deficit, and haven't developed an unusual disease, any net increase in weight must be due to water retention. In which case, and assuming it's not just your time of month, cut back on sodium (salt) and drink more plain water (the body tends to "hold on" to things in short supply, and if you're ever thirsty you're drinking less plain water than your body wants -- by the time you're thirsty, you're already a little dehydrated).

That's all true no matter what you do for exercise, and there's nothing exceptional about rebounding with respect to this. At the start of your rebounding journey, you should gain some muscle and lose some fat, and based on what you said it sounds like that's happening for you. Those are good things! Beyond that, it's quite possible to gain or lose 5 pounds of water weight in a single day (let alone 3 weeks).

If you're convinced beyond reason and the laws of physics Wink that the net gain is "real", then you only have two basic choices: burn more calories, and/or consume fewer calories, preferring the former.

Interesting...I have Lyme Disease, so I am on TONS of antibiotics and that could be it. As I wrote, my clothing certainly fit better. I am definitely retaining water, my feet are HUGE. I am going to Vegas today, so I am hoping the dry heat helps me compress. LOL

Also, my sister said when she began working out, she gained weight too and then dropped about 10 lbs in a week and a, I think you are onto something with the water weight and the salt. I do have a high salt diet. Not on purpose. I just CRAVE salt - so, I snack on sourdough pretzels.

Oh very cool, there are rebounders out there in the world!

I love mine. I have a Needak and it is excellent quality. I never wear shoes on it as I enjoy the workout my feet get with the stretching. It's excellent for balance control and non-stressful on joints. With my osteoporosis, jogging is out or other high impact sport. Sometimes I talk my husband into using it but I think ihe thinks it's "sissy". Great stress reliever too!

I originally bought the low end discount store mini trampoline (China) and couldn't even get it together, but I could tell that it would have no "give" to it, so took it back and spent the money on the Needak. Best money on a fitness product I have ever spent. And it arrived already put together! Just had to unfold the legs and was bouncing on it minutes from getting it out of the box!

Calorie Comparison Chart Body Weight (lbs.)

100 105 110 115 120 125 130 135 140 145 150 155 160 165 170 175 180 185 190 195 200

12 Minutes Jogging @ 5 MPH

47 49 52 54 56 59 61 64 66 68 71 73 75 78 80 82 85 87 89 92 94

12 Minutes Rebounding

58 60 63 65 67 70 72 75 77 79 82 84 86 89 91 93 96 98 100 103 105

--------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

Just to give you an idea of calories burned while rebounding. I think you get the idea, sorry the cut and paste didn't quite work out.

Here is the url: e=weight_loss ;

After trying is I'm buying my first rebounder this week! I can't wait! I've been looking up activities to do on my trampline on youtube and it just all looks so fun!

What more could you ask for? Cardio, fun AND nobody can see me work out and get sweaty! Brilliant :)


And as you can tell, I'm fairly excited about the whole ordeal :D

Hurray! Healthy Katie! ^____^

Hello There, I am a rebounder as well! I also listed it as one of my interests.  I only listed two interests, the other one being reading. I am 5ft tall and weigh about 140 and would love to lose some weight. I have been using the rebounder for about a month regularly and love it. A friend of mine gave me hers to start with and I have a blast on it. I use my mp3 player and listen to oldies like the Beach Boys and old 50's songs. It is amazing how long you can go on this thing without even realizing it. So far I haven't lost much, maybe a couple of pounds but I feel so much better and encouraged to keep on and eat better. Thanks for all the input about this, it has encourage me even more! Happy bouncing!

How interesting. We have a full sized trampoline out back and I tried jumping on it for a couple minutes the other day. I did notice I got out of breath quite quickly. I wonder if I could do some sort of workout on it that resembles this. It is a bit different from a mini trampoline because it tends to give more and you can jump higher. Hmm, I'm going to do a quick search on "trampoline workouts" and see what I can come up with!

Hey momof2kd, We have a big one out back as well but if I go out my kids feel the need to join me and bounce me all over the place, which results in great laughter,LOL  I like the small one since I don't feel like I have any control on the big one and it feels akward  to me. (Does anyone know if there is a group yet for rebounders?) Let us know how the "trampoline workout" goes momof2kd! I am a mom of 6 kids and so far 2 grandbabies, both girls, one yet to be born!! We can hardly wait. They are such a blessing!! Have fun!

I am glad I found you guys!

I use a heart rate monitor and was shocked at how quickly my heart rate climbed. I could never get my heart going like that while swimming, walking or using the elliptical because my knees couldn't take the pounding or the resistance.

I can exercise on my mini tramp for a whole workout without injuring or straining my joints. I wore out my knee in forestry and needed a new knee five years ago but they won't give me one for another 15 years because I am too young (30s), so I have to be very careful with what I have. The rebounder does that.

I found some great music to "rock out" to and after 45 minutes I leave that thing soaked and looking like a lobster. You do have to be careful about what you buy, because here is a lot of cheap junk out there. I make sure the springs appear strong because if it breaks I could end up in a chair or using a cane.

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