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Rebounding helps with cellulite, for real.

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I read on some website that rebounding (mini trampoline jumping) helps reduce cellulite. I was skeptical until now! I had some major cellulite issues on my butt and thighs. I got my rebounder about a 2 weeks ago and have been using it at least every other day for 20-30 min straight and then 2 min here and there during the day and my cellulite has already improved a lot. It's not all gone, and I still have like 30 more lbs to lose so I wouldn't expect it to be gone but it is better! I had some deep dimples that are much much more shallow now. I *highly* recommend a good quality rebounder to anyone with cellulite! I bought a Needak platinum edition (non-folding) rebounder from an ebay seller over Christmas and I couldn't be happier!

I bounce/jog on it for 1 full quarter of an NBA game while I'm watching the Celtics. That ends up being 20-30 min depending on how whistle-happy the refs are that night. I don't even realize how hard I'm working until I sit down and feel the sweat pouring down and my heart thumping. It's just really fun. It does start to feel a little more difficult in the last 5 minutes or so but it really doesn't feel nearly as strenuous as it should, lol.

I bought some Urban Rebounding videos because I heard they were good, but I haven't attempted them yet. I watched the instructional parts though, and that gave me some ideas of moves to do on my own.

Anyway for anyone interested or those wondering what the difference is between a $200 Needak and a $25 walmart brand rebounder, check the amazon customer reviews for these Needak rebounders. I bought my rebounder from an authorized dealer here. You can check out the Needak website here.

I know I sound like I have stock in the company, but I don't. I'm just thrilled with my rebounder! My kids like to bounce on it to burn off energy, which is a bonus. I didn't opt for the folding model because I heard it was hard to fold and unfold so I just roll mine away and fold the legs down. It can hide in my closet behind my clothes. Most of the time I leave it out, though, because we all use it so often. My 3 year old is jumping on it behind me right now, counting to 10 over and over :) Now my 4 year old is on it.

I think it's much like walking with a friend. If you can do it without really thinking about doing it, while also doing something that you enjoy (like talking to someone or watching TV), the time flies and it's not a chore. You start to associate the pleasant emotions with exercise and then you start to crave the exercise. I love it! I'm so glad we got this instead of a treadmill. It's way easier on the wallet and the joints.
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I have a mine trampoline to and I do love it but I seem to get bored. What moves are you doing? I seem to kinda get stuck in a rut...I need some new moves. I guess that's probably why I don't stick to it? I would love some reduction in my cellulite, congrats on yours!!! Thanks in advance, Amy
I was so stoked about reaching the cellulite phase.  I mean, I had some FAT thighs and my "cellulite" was more like chunks.  Random chunks building up my thighs.  And then I lost some weight, and some thighs.  And some more weight, and some more thighs..

And wouldn't you know it, I still have no cellulite.  It's so heart breaking.  Cellulite is supposed to be delightful but I don't get to experience it.  =(
I have heard that before - trampoline/Rebounding was good for cellulite.  I love trampolines :O) 

I wonder if you do the jumpboard/trampoline on a pilates reformer if it has the same effect?  I do this once a week in my pilates class and it is so fun. 

Love my rebounder!!!! Laughing

And it's the $20.00 Walmart one! I'd love a nice one if I could, but mine is great!

I just go along with music that I enjoy, and have fun. The avg. lenth of a song is 3 min. or more, so I tell myself 10 songs = 30 minutes or more, and time just seems to fly that way- Love it!!! WinkLaughing

The rebounder sounds great.  How is it on your knees?  I have bad knees from being a runner and now can only power walk without ending up in pain.  I am always looking for new cardio workouts.


Oooooh, sounds like FUN!!  I'm afraid to  have something like this around my son (2 yrs. in 8 days).  Do your 3 and 4 yr. olds allow you to do your workout without too much interruption?  I'm afraid my workout would turn into standing for 30 minutes, holding his hands while he goes nuts jumping.  Any thoughts?
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