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Hi. My name is Ihilani. Or Ihi for short. =P

I was just wondering if anybody who is REALLY Overweight (at least 75lbs or more preferably) has tried the Couch 2 5k program? One of my lifelong goals is to run a marathon. Once I do, I plan on finding a career in law enforcement (my dream!). Maybe the army.

Anyhow, I heard of the C25k program and thought it sounded pretty cool. I'd love to try it, but wanted to know if there were anybody else as overweight as I am (I'm 325lbs, want to be 180) who has tried it and succeeded (on time or late, doesn't matter).

Thanks a bunch in advance. :)
-Ihilani Kapuniai- aka MzTenderheart

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I started in the 280s or 290s in October 07 I think and finished it on my own schedule last summer. I had to take a break for a few months in the middle because of treadmill/daylight savings issues.

I also jog really slow, like a 13-14 min mile, and when I started it was about a 15 min mile. But I can finish a 5k now, no problem.

I started it when I was about 230, intending to do it on a slow schedule (each week I would do twice) but then it was hurting my knees so much that I had to cut back.  I focused on weight lifting and moderate (walking) cardio and told myself I'd start up the program again when I was under 200 or when the days got long enough for me to go out in the morning (I have this thing about running in the mornings when it's dark...).  I have it on my schedule - April 26 has a sunrise at 6am, which is the week I'll restart the program.

I think I probably could have kept going if it weren't for my "running in the dark" issues, even if I had to slow WAY down.  WHen I restart, if I'm not under 200 by then, I'll probably do it the same way - do each week twice for an 18 week program.

I'm working on it and I clock in at 282. I'm 5'10"  (well, five nine and two thirds but that is such a mouthful it is just easier to just say five ten) and large framed, so according to this site I am about 130 pounds overweight.

I consider myself at week 7 right now, having completed my second "run" of the week this morning. I can also jog for a full 30 minutes now but my pace is really slow. I know that I will be able to run the 5k on target, if not very quickly.

The most important thing I can think of is to buy the right running shoe - I had pain in my bad knee from jogging and my joints hurt so much that I thought I would have to give it up until I tried the right shoe. It made all the difference in the world.

Personally, I like to run in the dark. It feels like it is easier for me to focus in the dark. And since the switch to DST I have gone from running at night to running in the morning.

Uh, generally, running while more than 50-75lbs overweight equals an unnaceptably high rate of exercise-induced joint injuries, exercise-induces arthritis, bone spurs, tendon and ligament damage, orthopedic problems and a whole host of osteo-related injuries.

 The right shoe can make a significant difference, and there are people who have been able to do it succesfully with no problems, but statistically speaking, the odds are really against you.

I would definitely advise you to talk with a doctor about your health concerns. I think that anything can be done (as seen with the biggest loser contestants), but you need the right supervision and the right attitude. It sounds like you have the attitude and the drive to do it. I would think that if you did the program, but only WALKED it, you would see incredible results. Walking is good no matter what you weigh. Jogging just gets the job done faster. I know it may be difficult, but get in to see the doctor, show him or her your plan, and let them know your progress. You can do it.

Talking with a Dr. first wouel be a good idea. I love the C25K program.  I was 225.6 when I started I have been doing it for 10 week but I am on week 7 still. I repeated the last few weeks. I over did it the first few weeks and got shin splints because I tried to do more than the program called for. I would suggest following the program and not over doing it. If you feel you need to redo a week go for it dont feel bad about having to do a week more than once. 

Good luck!

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