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Rate my Activity Level Please

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  • At work - I work in an office. Sitting most of the day
  • At home - I'm usually sitting, reading, typing or working at a computer, there are busier days where im doing laundry and cleaning (once a week)
  • Exercise: i walk/hike 2-3 days a week. i kickbox 1-2 days a week and play dodgeball once a week


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imo (ofc) excluding the exercise I would say lightly active - with the exercise I would say moderate to very, but maybe it would depend on the extent of the walking/hiking.

If walking is casual I would still moderate, but if faster walking, or harder hiking I would change it to very.

You can always leave it as a lower level and add exercise into the burn meter later.

i dont like to log the exercise. i never end up doing it.

the walking is a hike on a trail (flat for the most part) and lasts around 40 minutes

i would guess moderate

ive been maintaining at 137-138 (im 5 foot 5) and probably eat around 2000-2500cals/day

The difference between the two activity levels is 240 calories.

If you are actually very active and eat as moderate, you would (in mathamatical theory) lose 2 lbs after 1 month. If you are in fact eating as active, but really moderate, the opposite would happen after a month and the scale would be up about 2 lbs.

I know nothing of actually maintaining, but I would venture you would just play around with it and see how you do (gain/lose) and slightly adjust from there.

edited to add: I cant wait until I can just set my activity level and be done with logging each thing - it is annoying. I do agree with the moderate assessment. Hopefully someone else might reply with their opinions too!

I would say moderately active including the exercise. Because your job and daily activity sound pretty sedentary, and the exercise does not sound excessive - about an hour a day, 4-6 times/week. I think very active would be too high.

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