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rainy days- any idea for a nice cardio workout?

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I always go walking for like 20-30 minutes every day just to give a kick to my metabolism...since Im trying to make it faster...but on rainy days Im stuck home, and it bothers me a lot because I wish I could go walking to keep up what Ive been doing so far....any ideas for a nice cardio workout or some kind of excercise that is moderate, burns around 50 calories per 20 minutes or 30 while staying at home?

Also if any of you guys have an idea of what type of excercises I can do to tighten my lower tummy area and thighs would be great! even if it is recommending a site or something ( I dont have any equipment which limits my excercise a lot so I have to do my strenght excercises using my body only, no weights)

 hehe its a challenge isnt it?


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Lately, I've been working out in my basement, which happens to have one stair leading into the garage.  I start with 3 sets of 12 (one each leg) lunges and then 3 sets of 12 squats...I flip flop them, lunges, squats etc.

Then I stretch out and put on something with a good beat that you can identify and do my little stair.  Up up down down, up down, switching feet.  Sometimes I "jog" the stair, making it a higher impact workout, then let my heart beat slow down a little, then ramp it back up.  I break out a pretty admirable sweat.  I usually do the stair thing for about 45 minutes or so depends on how I feel, but it's a great way to do cardio and have fun.

When I'm done with the stair, I try and recollect any aerobics moves I learned and then do about 15 minutes with small (3-5 lb) hand weights.  The only move I can recall the name of is the grapevine, but I incorporate all kinds of others.  I'm sure if you google it, you'll be able to find the names and also other moves that are fun and work with good beat music.  (My preference is Aquagen. :)  ) 

Here's a basic aerobic exercise link.  It contains about 12 videos of simple aerobic moves. cs-video-across-the-top-step.htm ;

oh sweet :) THANK YOU! has a ton of free on line videos for anytype of target area you want to work and the style you want. They are anywhere from 3-25+ minutes. I started this week and I love it.  Good luck.
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I've been trying a workout at home with a jump rope and some calisthenics ... pushups, crunches, lunges, squats, dips, etc ... all with bodyweight. Very good workout, no equipment needed other than a jump rope.
two words "jump rope!!" it tones and burned calories fast! just do those crunches girl. Try for exercise ideas :)
I say PILATES! Get a tape and a mat and do it on rainy days. It will help tone up your lower tummy and also burns a moderate amount of calories an hour once you've gotten the moves down and can do a routine.
Plus its fun.
I ice skate... which is great for inclimate weather-- especially hot and humid days. It's also great for building friendships with other skaters which leads to motivation and support.
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