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Question about super high heart rate when exercising???

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So when I go to the gym I usually do the eliptical for 35 minutes.  Well it has the sensors to read your heart rate and the person at the gym told me for cardio my heart rate for my weight/height should stay about 160 and for fat burn it should be about 130 to 140.  Well no matter how slow I go for some reason my heart rate skyrockets to 180 to 190!!!  Everyone just tells me slow down, make sure you're warming up first and stretching, drink plenty of water, etc. etc.  But I'm doing all of that!!  I waited to see if maybe it was just my body's way of getting used to exercising, but after a couple weeks it still didn't slow down.  Has anyone else had this problem??  Does anyone think I should see a doctor?  Thanks.

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Nobody at your gym can know from your height, weight, or age what your heart rate should be when you exercise.  Read this.

higher heart rate => more calories burned => more weight loss.

The cardio/fat loss 'zones' are based on misinterpreted information.

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so I'm not gonna have a heart attack??  awesome lol :) thanks so much for the info!!

You won't. Also I don't think those machines are all that accurate in reporting HR anyway.


YES to most of above. The machines are never accurate.  You cannot possibly know what your individual max HR is just from H and W.  HRM [heart rate monitor] is your best bet!! The 'fat burn' HR is.. a MYTH.

The only thing IS possible to have too high of heart rate!!! Again, why I stress the use of HRM's.  One of my members had a heart attack last NOV bc of a prolonged elevated heartrate.  Very elevated.  If people are lucky, they will feel dizzy and/or pass out before having a heart attack. BUT, I stress....HRM!!!! The gentleman that had a heart attack was in a spin class. He was 45 years old and a regular participant.  He lived, [thank God]...but still....

I have a heart rate monitor and figured out that my resting heart rate as well as my rate when I'm active are very high comparatively.  I had the full gamut of heart tests done....nothing wrong with me!  SO thats just how I am, maybe you're the same way.

Yes, I don't know if I would trust the hrm's at the gym.  I did some eliptical in my day, and tested the hrm that some of them have.

I used multiple machines, of the same brand over 3 days.  I found that one machine put my hr at around 130-140, which is where I wanted it to be.  I went at the same level on another machine and it put me at 85-90...  and on the 3rd machine I went at a slightly faster pace and it glocked me at 165-170... 

All in all I wouldn't trust them.

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this all makes me feel 2397429 times better.  :]  I was beginning to think I couldn't exercise because of it.  But I think as long as I'm not feeling faint or dizzy I won't worry about it too much.  And I'll probably get a HRM cause i have no idea what my resting heart rate is, so I suppose if it's naturally higher than what's considered "normal" then I'm probably just made that way :]

i've heard that the heart rate monitors on the machines are pretty inaccurate. i've confirmed this by wearing a personal heart rate monitor.

the ones on the machines overestimate by quite a bit, which also overestimates your calories burned.

You also might be one of those outliers who have an abnormally high HR/VO2 max. My HR on the elliptical or while running (using different monitors to test this) is about 165-170, and I'm working hard, but not crazy crazy hard. If I'm sprinting or really going intensely, my HR gets up to 190. And I'm not dead yet!

Women also have naturally higher heart rates then men, so I've heard.  They stick those numbers on the machines and every human is supposed to SQUEEZE themselves into that model?!  Ain't happenin ;-)

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