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Question for someone who's done p90x and insanity

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I'm in my 2nd phase of p90x right now but i just found out im going down south in a month. Out of the two programs what would blast the most fat in a month? I don't have much more weight to loose, just some stubborn fat. I also have both programs on dvd so what would be my best option for the next month?

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Insanity is an intense cardio program so I would assume that would blast the most fat. It adds muscle exercises too. I'd do that one personally.
Have you done insanity before?? I made it a month through before then I broke my toe. I'm starting again today and I just received Insanity: Asylum so I'm very excited to start again. Good luck!!

Go with P90X.

From what I've read, building lean muscle mass makes it easier to keep the fat off. Also, the body becomes attuned to set workout routines. I've found that a mix of cardio and resistance training works best.

I got into Insanity first. My girlfriend dared me to do it with her, so I jumped in headfirst. Once the cramps and crippling muscle soreness (I seriously had a painful limp for the first week) faded, I had a great time. We did 2 months and I lost 20 pounds. From there I decided that I wanted to bulk up and started on p90x. My weight has been s-l-o-w-l-y dwindling since, but my friends can see the difference. I'm losing the inches from my waist and adding it to my arms, chest and legs!


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I love insanity I'm starting the second month of my second round but from my experience I lost weight during the second month not so much the first one but that could also be me. I'd suggest watching the DVDs and deciding what which ones be the most effective workouts. You could try a hybrid. If you google or search for p90 and insanity hybrids you can find the exercise schedules.
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