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Question about HIIT and Weight Training to Lose Weight

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I lost 20 lbs last year (w/ 20 lbs to go) and then I got off all programs.  I just recently quit smoking.  I began eating better and working out to avoid any huge weight gain (I was able to hold it off to just 5 lbs and only gained that b/c I quite right b/c X-mas).   I have not been losing ANY weight and I just read about HIIT for the first time yesterday so I thought I would give that a shot (as well as a multi-muscle weight lifting program similar to "Real Fast Weight Loss").  Previously, I had been doing interval training but not with quite as much intensity and weight training with only light weights (stationary equipment). 

So here is my question - it's actually two-fold.  First, do those who practice HIIT do so everytime you do cardio instead of steady-state cardio or do you mix it into regular cardio.  Second, do you attempt to do HIIT on the same days as weight training or on alternative days?  If you do do HIIT on the same days as weight training then how do you mix it in so you have enough "strength" for the weight training.

Hope you can help.  Thanks!


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I'm not a professional, but I can tell you what I do. I've lost a lot of weight doing it (along with calorie counting).

I do about 15-30 min steady, medium-extertion cardio first, stretch a bit, then a good strength training routine about 3 times a week. I used to use a personal trainer, but I am going to start that program on the real fast weight loss site now. Sometimes (depending on my time & how I feel) after the strength training I will do HIIT for about 15- 20 min on the bike or running (treadmill or outside).

Another 2-3 times a week I do pure cardio at home (elipitcal or running outside) for about an hour to an hour and a half, and during that I incorporate some HIIT - I try to do about 12 mins of TI.  If I feel like it (most of the time), after that I do some pushups, situps, tricep dips, ect.

I guess thats kind of vague, but I really try to listen to my body.  I guess to answer your questions - I *try* to do HIIT after weights 3 times/week, and do it during my regular cardio sessions, but starting with a 15 min steady pace, then HIIT, more steady, HIIT, and finishing it with a 15 min steady pace.

Hope that helped


I appreciate you letting me know what has worked for you.  I have to say if you're body responds to the real fast weight loss program like my body did last night, I'm not sure you're going to have the enery for HIIT after you complete it.  My legs still felt like Jello from it this morning.

Oops - ignore the poor grammar typos.  It appears I can't spell or type today.

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Can you give a link to the "real fast weight loss program" website?  Thanks.

The "Real Fast Fat Loss" program, I presume? 3.html

 It won't work forever, but it's an interesting change from a more "normal" lifiting routine. Cosgrove and Waterbury who designed the program know what they're doing :)
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