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I pulled a muscle and affecting my knee - no really, my leg hurts????????

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hiking - big thigh muscle starts spasming, so I rub it... it is ok for rest of hike.

then saturday night my friend brought over her daughter (9) and friend, and I ended up playing cheerleader with them. Everything was fine until splits... oooh, OKAY I GET IT I AM NOT 9!!! Getting back up, i pulled the same muscle that was hurting earlier that day.

THEN drove 6 hours yesterday to pick up my son from my parents. my knee throbbed the whole way.

I got a stabilizer but my patella is bigger than the hole or something - makes it worse. I've wrapped it in bandages - thigh and knee - and that helps. I've been icing it.

HOW LONG is it going to hurt? :(

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oh, i dont have health insurance until august.

should it be wrapped? still iced? should I move it or not? Its no longer wrapped.

RICE Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation is what I always hear. 

Ibuprofen can help. I have heard Epsom salts can help with muscle soreness and pain.  I don't know if it helps for pulled muscles. 

I'd keep it wrapped with an Ace bandage as much as possible if it's still hurting and keep icing it (20 min on/20 min off) as much as you can. 

Foam rollers are also really good for "massaging" the area, but again... I'm not sure if it would help with a pulled muscle. 

thx karozel - I will ice again when I get home. I'm at work. :(  Its not so bad I have to go home but not so good I can just do my work... argh.

I have been taking ibuprofen, that helps. I think I'll alternate having it wrapped. I'll def wrap it before lunch - sitting in the car really aggravates it (I just ran up to starbucks because i needed coffee and we are out of creamer).

I am just so unsure of what to do without making it worse! I don't even know what questions to ask! LOL


I'm going to take a stab that the painful leg is the one you use on the gas/brake pedals? The motion of moving your foot from gas to brake will impact your leg muscle which directly impact your knee.

You're leg muscles directly affect how your knee tracts in place - so while you favour (or your body unconciously favours) that muscle it will change how your knee sits in place - which is what would be causing you the associated knee pain.

Really you'll just have to let the muscle fix itself up and then hopefully the knee relief will follow. Relax relax relax!

Sometimes I'll use heat if I am sure it is a muscle (don't do this on joints (so not on your knee - or anything with swelling related with it!) to encourage blood to the site to help with repair and also for relaxation purposes. Some people prefer heat to ice on muscle pulls.

A wrap around your leg might help release some of the pull on your knee.

I'll go out on a limb and say you'll be feeling improvement by next weekend. Depends how serious a pull those splits managed. 

you should always ise first to prevent inlfammation than heat. But i would stay away from heat therapy for at least 3 days. Than you can use contrast methods where both are used in one session. also diet plays a big role...stay away from too much coffee as it certainly does not help the inflammation.

thanks jef! It is not my driving leg thank GOD. But sitting in the same position just stiffened it all up. halfway home I stopped and got a knee brace and ice packs for the rest of the ride but it was still throbbing the whole way.

I kind of figured it was the imbalance that was making my knee hurt, since it didn't hurt until the next day whiel my leg hurt right away. I'll put the wrap on it when I know I'll be moving around more (like in a few minutes for lunch)... its starting to hurt the back of the leg too (under my ass) and I am worried that i'lll hurt the good leg while i'm compensating AARGH! I may have a touch of paranoia too. haha.

since the muscle doesn't HURT or throb like my knee, i'm guessing its just the overcompensating stuff that's my biggest issue and not the pull itself. My plan is to (a) not aggravated the pulled muscle and (b) not hurt anything new while favoring the muscle.

And the swelling is minimal, I will stick to ice for now.

and ps hope your ankle feels better!

Normal guidelines for muscle injuries is ice for no longer than 20 mins at a time making sure the area warms up before you reapply ice for 48hrs. This takes down swelling I think. The warm compresses or deep heat/warm bath after that to get blood flowing.

just whining now, but it hurts on the side now because I had to walk deliveries aroudn the building. :( I re-wrapped it and hurts walking, standing or sitting when it only hurt walking before. DARNIT ALL TO HECK!

Have you tried Kinesio tape?  I know it is not available to everyone (and it can be expensive), but sometimes gyms have access to it - it is a GODSEND!  There is nothing like it for pulled muscles and strains.  It is an elastic, sticky tape that is applied to the skin over your pulled muscle, in a way that allows fluids to move underneath.  It assists tremendously in reducing inflammation and pain.  It allows for full range of motion while it is on the skin, and I can attest to it that it really works!  I am a tennis player and I swear by it.  If you're interested you can find out more about it here and here

Hope you feel better soon!!

Maybe I didn't read this properly, but is it your knee that hurts (joint problem) or your thigh muscle (quad?).  I'm not a medical person but some running sites have information on knee injuries if you can't get to a dr. 

rosie, my knee started hurting after I hurt my quad. the other muscles compensating for the quad pulled my knee out of whack.

today the leg is much better and the knee is getting there. Yay!

Glad it's not your knee.  Rest and get better.

I have worked and am working on my quads- because of a serious knee problem- my knee cap is off to the left instead of in the middle.  I have learned way too much how quad muscles are connected to the knee.  My daily grind now is to strengthen the quads- do it, lady! says the doc and the physical therapists- quite painful- my reward is to be ready for surgery.  Yay.  So take it easy.  You don't want to screw up the quads and make the knee unhappy.  I promise you- you really don't want to go my route. 

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