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Okay, first I'll apologize if this is repetitive, but I'm curious.

I've changed around my lifting schedule from lifting at night, followed by a shake to lifting at lunch, followed by a heavy protein meal (20 to 30 grams).  Will this effect my progress at all?  Is protein protein, regardless of the source, and does the whey shake absorb faster than real food? Does this make a difference?

Background. I'm on NROLFW, I'm shooting for fat-loss, muscle retention with a 300 cal deficit. Lift 3 days a week, cardio (run) 3 additional days.

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I'm also on NROLFW. It was my understanding that it's the type of protein that may make a difference, you need a protein that's easy to digest like that of whey, soy, egg. Unfortunately it takes too long to break down many other proteins for them to be as affective.

all that to ask what kind of protein you're having?

Thank you. I was thinking I'd read that somewhere but couldn't find it.  I can always bring my shake stuff and make a shake for lunch and then have a "heavy snack" later in the afternoon.

Oops, I was too quick. I'm usually having, chicken, fish or soy and vegetables or whole wheat bread.

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