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I just started training a few days ago and today I am really sore from yesterday's workout. My question is, should I still train today despite the pain, or should I take a day off to recover?

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Are you sore or are you in pain?  If you're sore, a light workout can help you recover faster.  If you're in pain, you should rest until you feel better, so you don't injure yourself.  If you can't tell, take the day off.

What did you do yesterday that left you sore?

You should usually give yourself 48 hours between lifting sessions to allow your worked muscles to heal and rest. Intervals/HIIT/cardio between lifting sessions is okay, though, and can actually help lessen the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

If you're in pain (as opposed to just being sore), rest.

HIIT is probably not a good recovery workout for someone who isn't used to working out.  Slow cardio or easy intervals would be fine.

@smashley23 : I can't tell, I have fibromyalgia so my sensations aren't really accurate and mostly lean towards pain

@bierorama : I think Im sore from the lunges and squats I did yesterday


Sorry, I supposed I blocked out the "just started training" bit.


I would try something easy like the exercise bike.  The idea is if you get blood rushing to the parts of you that are sore, your body will be able to repair itself faster.

Like the others said: A light workout if you are sore and a day of rest if you are in pain. 

From my experience light stretching and messaging through the day helps speed the healing process too.

Also eating well during and after long workouts helps prevent pain. I prefer cardio and found carbohydrates help replenish glycogen. I have heard protein is great after weight training.

Good luck!  

With Fibromyalgia and workouts it's about beginning to listen to your body and determine the difference in the pain levels. Depending on how much you push yourself during a workout, you risk a severe flare up so don't rush into workouts. Let yourself build endurance slowly, I'm lucky with my fibro if I can do a good cardio once a week without paying for it for the rest of the week, but each person who has fibro has it at varying degrees of severity.


Just be careful and rest if you feel as though your pain is telling you it is too much.

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