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Is it possible to have a flat stomach after 3 C-Sections???

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I have been doing everything and nothing seems to work! My upper abs are kind of firm when you push it, but when I push lower past my belly buttton just a little bluge. It acctually feels like they took all the muscles away. Is anyone else having this problem?
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ants, I have had two c-sections and yes that is a side affect of a bit of numbness above the scar.  It will get better and better over time but each person's is different.

I have read that in order to lose this "ledge" you have to get down to the almost single digits of body fat.  Although it may feel like just loose skin that there is still fat holding the skin there.  So you can go on an absoutely "no fat diet" for a couple of months (which I plan on doing after I lose most of my general fat) or you can go under the knife yet again.  Wish me luck!

I have the same problem I have had 3 kids all by c sections ONe doctor told me since I am still in my early twenties that I could achevie a flat stomach with had work and a proper diet but  then another doctor told me I couldn't  THen I have spoken to a few personal trainers and they to say the same thing  half say I can and half say i can't I am really confused and it is starting to put a damped on my workout routine. Can any body offer any help please


Lots of factors to weigh in on such as age, amount of csections [which you had 3] and weight gain during pregnancy/weight loss afterwards.  Ultimately, at 3 sections, you might be left with some loose skin that may or may not ever go away without much weight you gained and lost plays a big role in this. All too often, the skin left sagging months if not years after csections is really just 'dead skin' or leftover skin that served a purpose and/or was stretched to the limits while pregnant.  Many women have this problem and yet, have rock hard abs underneath. Another problem I see with women [esp those that have had MULTIPLE sections] is the numbing which, in some cases, never goes completely away.  This can hinder their abdominal work since often they don't realize they are pushing instead of pulling in.  I often stop these type of people from doing basic crunches and concentrate more on reverse curls and standing ab work. Then there is the scar tissue build up that can literally push things underneath upwards..which is why often you will see people that have had csections with a slight bulge in their mid to upper abdominals.  Scar tissue can also bulge out.

So, ultimately, if it doesn't go away in 12 mos time after proper diet and exercise, I would say it probably never will completely without some type of surgical [invasive and non invasive] procedure. 


I have found that dancing is the only way that i was able to tighten my stomach after two c-section that were really close. I started out @ 119 lbs. After my second daughter was born i weighed right at 186 lbs. after 1 1/2 years i am almost back to were I was and i don't look like i have had kids . 

I'm 17 and had my son by c-section at 15. I have the "pouch" and wonder if it will ever go away. I also can't seem to lose the weight. While I was pregnant I got really sick and gained over 70 pounds in water weight and now I have numerous huge stretch marks all over my body. I am really self-conscious about them and because I am no longer with my son's father, I am afraid that no man will ever accept me the way that I am. I view the "pouch" and stretch marks as "battlescars" of what I went through. I just hope that some day someone else will see them that way too. Does anyone else have this problem?

I used to be self conscious about my scar (it's vertical and big, due to my 1st c-section which was an emergency) and because now my belly just looks plain weird because of the vertical incision.  I'm pretty sure I'll never have flat abs, and after c-section #4 (3 years ago) there is no feeling at all along the scar either.  I remember my mom looking at my belly a few years ago and asking in a horrified tone 'will your stomach ever look normal again?' and that's when I started accepting that I'll always look a little funky there.  It's still a little bit of a discouragment from time to time, because even if I lose a lot of weight and get stronger and fitter, I'll probably never look really good in a bikini.  On the other hand, I do have 3 wonderful children, and I want them to have a healthy mom.  I can't really add anything to the 'can you have flat abs after a section' discussion except to say that I have a friend who had one, and she slimmed about 3 years afterward, then worked really hard with crunches, etc, and keeping to a very healthy diet and lifestyle -- her abs look pretty toned and her scar is nearly invisible, but she still frets because she thinks her lower abs are too soft. 

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