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Is it possible to have a flat stomach after 3 C-Sections???

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I have been doing everything and nothing seems to work! My upper abs are kind of firm when you push it, but when I push lower past my belly buttton just a little bluge. It acctually feels like they took all the muscles away. Is anyone else having this problem?
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   Hi there. Iā??m a guy and I donā??t know anyone that has had a C-Section, but I would say for you to talk with your doctor. An intensive workout done wrong can cause damage but add to it muscles that have gone though what yours have, you donā??t want to take chances.
thanks i will
hey there I emailed ya I had 3 csections as well and know how you feel. I walk that is all. Its life but one day I will see a plastic surgeon
felicia, I have the same problem...I had two c-sections, and my tummy is so weak.  I think it will just take time...keep doing reverse crunches to tighten the lower tummy, and maybe try a exercise ball.  I bought one, and the cruches feel so much better on it.  I can actually do more, cause it supports my lower back. 
hi there - I had one cs after my twins were born 6 yrs ago. I have been to a plastic surgeon and she just showed me that how on me in particular is it now just excess skin and it will go away. The elasticity is "broken" if you KWIM. My Dh promised a resolution by next Christmas!

But back to exercise - restrengthening the muscles under will help the look and feel to a certain extent.

Good luck!
I had two c-sec's and at my smallest weight I can't say I ever had that totally flat-tummy again.  Sort of a 'puffy' look in that particular area which is easily controlled.
I had a c section eighteen years ago...let me tell ya'll
does take time but I do believe you can achieve that flat tummy....I
used to could not see my scar which by the way is very I can
see it so that tells me my tummy is getting firmer and flatter...I need
to work on my muscles more but I do believe with more attention to the
area we can achieve hard girls....
ah lurleen, you give us all hope... two c-sections under my belt, quite literally! hate the excess, but love the babies, big and healthy! they are still my babies ay 9 and 6... weighed in at 9 adn 10.1 respectively - not having more, my 5'3" body couldn't take an 11 pounder, and that seemed tobe the direction I was headed!
Yes I do believe we can get rid of c-section bulge...we have to work
harder but it is possible...your muscles are very weak so we need to
get going with this area.  It is do-able...huggers
does anyone else have a tiny roll- like an inch thick- just above their scar? This cannot be remedied through exercise, can it?
After I had the baby I got down to 118, but the roll was still there- granted I wasn't really focused on exercise then...
Oooh, a c-section tummy club. I'm joining in on this one... Yep, I too have that dreaded c-section roll right above the scar... I've managed to tone my upper abs, but have been working like crazy to get a better lower ab section... Lots and lots of cardio for me to at least get that extra flab off... then I'll work on the muscles later. :)
2 Back to back c-sections here, 14 months apart.  I'm working on the abs, I do feel them in the lower belly under the flab and excess skin, LOL!  Also have had 4 abdominal surgeries before the kids came along.  I sure hope there's hope, it's what I'm working towards!  I'm just amazed that I've been able to whittle down the waistline from 54" at 35 weeks pregnant with the twins to 32" as of Friday (course the twins are almost 4..................)
I am really targeting my lower abs, well really my whole tummy, but I was chatting with this lady on another website, and she said she got down to her goal weight, and worked on her abs for over a year, but could not get rid of the extra skin.  She worked off the fat underneath, but had a roll of skin.  She eventually went to have plastic surgery for it.  Doesn't give me much hope.
Its been three years since my 3rd c-section and I have lost most of the weight. I am now 110 and my goal 105. it seems impossible to get rid of that skin. But i am going to continue working. I bought that yoga ball, and ended up buying the wrong one, it was way to big. But they didnt have another size, so like most mothers I bought something for the kids with the returned money. when you girl push on that lower part is it still squishey, even though you exersise?
After baby 1, I was down below pre-pregnancy weight within 10 months, also happened to be the lowest weight I'd been in years. I still had what I refer to as the pouch (as in kangaroo) over the scar, it was skin, but it wasn't going anywhere... After baby 2, more than six years ago, I am still carrying some weight (is it fair to call it baby weight after 6 years?!), and I have little faith that the pouch will disappear without the assistance of a scalpel and more stitches! I am working hard to lose the weight, finally serious about it, I hate the fat!! So we'll see... I have to admit, my only exercize is an insane amount of running, I can't do a sit up to save my life, I have baffled more than one trainer with this problem! I have just told them that the docs seem to have forgotten to reattch the muscle when they sewed me up... they just stand there and scratch their pretty little heads!
I am right there with you  meljo and if this pouch doesnt go away in a couple of month i will be making that call to have a little nip tuck!
I had 2 c-sections and both times my belly went flat and my muscle tone came back. I only did some crunches BUT I was very young!! 19 and 22. I am 30 now and we have a surprise baby coming in 6 weeks. This will be my third c-section and I am scared that I will not be so lucky this time. I really think it has alot to do with age and the muscle tone you had before you got pregnant. They say muscle has memory!!! Good luck, I will be right there with you in a few months!
I didn't have a c-section but I have incisions and scarring from a bladder operation when I was 10 that had the same effect on that area for me b/c they cut the same place. So I'm 21, with a c-section belly without the c-section! At least you guys got a kid out of it!! LOL
I had an etopic burst, and lost 1/2 of my total blood volume into my abdominal cavity.  I have a c section scar that isn't neat or tidy.  had a flat tummy before, have the pooch over it now.  I look at the scar and the pooch as life saving and try not to beat myself up about it too badly.  I figure that if I tryly want flat again, I will probalbly need surgery.  Oh, did I mention I delivered twice naturally, once before, once after.
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I had a c-section 15 months ago. I lost 50 lbs within 2 weeks of having my little girl but still have the ledge, as I call it. There is a new problem with it tho. (It might not be new but I just noticed) I have feeling around my scar when I scratch. But if I poke my belly I cant really feel it.  Its mostly just above the scar.  Does anyone else have this problem or know what I'm talking about?
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