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Popping while weight lifting

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When I do side are lifts my shoulder joint pops.  Should I be using a lower weight?  How do I know when it's time to increase the weight?  How do I know if I'm lifting to much?
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Have you ever had a shoulder injury before?  My shoulder was injured when I used to be a tennis player and occassionally my shoulder will make a popping sound when I exercise.  Particularly when I do shoulder presses.  Usually (if there's no pain involved) it's air escaping from the joint and shouldn't cause too much of a problem.  Obviously, if the problem persists or causes pain, you should go see an orthapedist (sp?).  I compensate by using a lower weight and higher repititions.
I don't know about lifting weights but all my joints pop all the time! Knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles. I don't know why. I have never had any injuries in those areas. But They do it when I exercise too. For example Tea-Bow last night. Lots of kicking, punching and popping. LOL
OMG - every time I lift weights, bend down, squat, anything, I just crack all over, and it's LOUD!!  Kind of embarassing, but that's all.  I say that if you aren't experiencing any pain, you're fine.  But if it hurts, then of course, stop.
It's just a ligament sliding over the bone, it should stop after a while. As long as it doesn't hurt your good.
bodyscience is right, but check your form too.  Sometimes my joints will pop little when my form gets sloppy
Nope no injury.  Thanks for the advice.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing any permanent damage.    
when i was about 16 i got angry at my mom and i punched the closet door. Needless to say i broke the closet door [i can be pretty strong when i'm mad]. I didn't notice at first that something was wrong with my wrist. A couple of days later, i had this excruciating pain. Went to the pharmacy got a wrist brace and took it off when the pain went away. I never went to the doc.

Yesterday i did some weights to work out triceps and chest and well...after i was done my wrist was a bit uneasy. Light/medium pain. It's gone now, but i know i have to go to the doc & get another brace meanwhile to help me do my weights when i am supposed to.

I say go to the doc. none of us here can diagnose you. You're better safe then sorry.
joint injuries take years to heal. be careful.

i was taught that its not right when it pops and keeps on popping.
not that shake up out crackle pops...but the popping with each motion thru the exercise.

do you warm up before you lift?
are you hydrated?

right now you could be irritating it. when the pain sets in, the damage is done.

personally i would :

-talk to my doctor.
-lighten the wts
-make sure i warm up and pay attention to form
-take a joint supp -faqs-2.html

"How sore should I expect to be after exercising?

You should feel some soreness on the muscle group or groups you exercised. If you do not feel anything, you are probably not challenging yourself enough. However, there should not be any soreness on the joints nor should there be any popping or clicking in the joints. The soreness you should feel should be symmetrical and should not be debilitating. A good way to gauge your soreness is if it tends to go away or alleviate with mild exercise."

When I do bent over rows my shoiulder on the right side pops.  My whole right arm is going to hell in a handbasket.  I went to dr I have arthritis in my wrist which made me work my elbow more subconsciously and now have tennis elbow and I'm sure the shoulder issue is a continuance of the original wrist problem -- Just like the old spirtual - the shoulder bone's connected to the arm bone the arm bone's connected to the wrist bone and so it goes on and on LOL
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