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Polar F6 question about calorie burn/v02max

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was referring to this thread -calories-burnt-ft116806 and I understand that polar hrm's base their cal burn on v02 max. (along w/ age height weight and sex) I have played around with this and found it to be true. since the f6 doesnt have the nifty fitness test to determine your vo2max (ownindex as polar calls it) like the F11 does, I dont really know mine and since, when changed (even just a little bit) it has such a HUGE effect on calorie burn I dont know what to do. I went online to a couple calculators for v02max and it came out at like 15, but using those settings my calorie burn seems WAY low. It says I burn 130 calories in 35 minutes on the eliptical going 100 strides per minute with the cross ramp pretty much all the way up and and resistance at 8. Although I dont go by the machine, IT said I burned 400 after entering my age and weight into it befroe starting my workout. Although I think the HRM is low, I think the machine may be a little high as it doesnt take other things into account i.e., height, sex etc.

I am a large person and am fairly sedentary except for my 35-60 minute workout roughly 4-5x a week. I am a little over 5' 10" and weigh 262. I am 22 years old. Could someone around my size tell me what they have their settings on the f6 set at, especially the v02max?? how many cals do you burn in 35 minutes on an elliptical trainer?? Maybe someone that knows about polars can tell me how I can get the most accurate calorie burn during my workouts? Or can someone that is knowledgeable about fitness estimate my v02max based on my height, weight and fitness level??

I am also on a beta blocker that lowers my heart rate by 15-20 you think this is affecting it??

please let me know your thoughts!

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 Beta blockers would render the HRM's calorie estimate almost meaningless for you - HRMs work by estimating your calorie burn per minute based on how much oxygen each heartbeat carries to your muscles at a given level of effort. Beta blockers throw the whole set of assumptions about heart rate and effort underlying these formulas right out the window and also distort VoMax tests like the Rockport Walk Test to the point where you can't really use it to say anything meaningful.

 Well, except to say that it's extremely unlikely that you'd burn as few as (130kcal/35min=) 4 kcal/minute unless you were walking downhill at a leisurely 2.5 mph. The machine pegs you at (400kcal/35min=) 11.5kcal/minute which is possibly a bit high but far, far more likely to be closer to the truth than the HRM. At 262lbs, you'd expend 500kcal/hour doing just about anything that involved moving around. I'd expect you to burn more than 130kcal in 30 minutes just by walking to the gym, never mind actually working out.

thanks...that is kinda what I assumed..I have to be on a beta blocker probably for the rest of my life. I had a side effect from a drug called pergolide in 2006..made my heart rate go way too fast even after coming off of it...I have tried weening off the beta blocker like 5 times to see if my heart rate is ok...but it always goes high again after a week off the pill. I get tired and breathless. I just recently found out that pergolide was taken off the market because it causes irreversable heart valve damage.

Sucks for me, but even so, I knew 130 cals in 35 minutes was really low. and I thought the machine might be high...but I found a website that said the following about your average elliptical workout:

"General Estimates of Calories Burned with An Elliptical Trainer:
150 pound woman, 30 minutes of elliptical exercise:  387 calories
180 pound man, 30 minutes of elliptical exercise: 464 - 550 calories
120 pound woman, 30 minutes of elliptical exercise: 310 calories

there is NO WAY I burned 130 cals if that is am I just better off using the online calculators and entering my weight age height and sex as opposed to doing the hrm thing? would I get a more accurate burn estimate then?? what method would you reccommend to get the closest idea of how many cals I burn during a workout considering my circumstances?

 also, becasue my heart rate is going slower cuz of the pill, does that mean I actually AM burning less calories, or does it only skew what I am seeing on the hrm?


My Vo2max is 31. Im 5'9 and 239lbs.

If you read the manual it will tell you how to customize your settings. You need to calculate your heart rate at rest and that should help. I played around with mine one time and found that the lower the heart rate at rest the less you burn when exercising as per the HRM calculations.  I could be totally wrong though. LOL.

In a 35 minute Elliptical workout I burn 350 calories. Thats with an average heart rate of about 139-140 BPM.



thank you...I still havent figured out the v02max thing yet...did you have urs done in a lab?? I walked/ran 3/4 of a mile as fast as my body would let me go and I was able to complete it in 11min 45 sec...I used this info on various internet calucaltors and I never got more than 19. I think this issue is partly due to wrong settings, but I also suspect my transmitter battery may be low...I think I am going to try to replace it as I got the hrm in the spring and have used it a lot and even done a couple 24hr monitors...

also, is there  a way to completely reset the unit to its factory defaults? I know pressing all buttons at once resets the time, day etc, but it does not reset all user settings...I did not see a way to do this in the manual...can anyone help?

I am thinking after I replace the batt in the transmitter I may do that and start fresh.....

I have no idea how to reset the watch, but you may be able to go to their website and find out there.

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