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The Polar F4

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So I just got my new Polar F4 and I love it so far! Here's my question..about how accurate is the calorie burn count?? I want to log my exercise and I'm not sure if I should dip under the number a bit and by how much..any tips??
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I havent gotten a heart rate monitor yet but I have been doing my homework. From what I have read, the Polar F4 is really, really accurate in showing calories burned. It typically shows a calorie number that is less than the elliptical machines, treadmills, etc will show. Good to hear you love it, I have been leaning towards getting that one. 
Actually, I was on the elliptical for 50 minutes yesterday and my polar F4 showed a higher calorie burn than the machine..the machine said 527 and the HRM said 588..that's why I was worried...I guess I'm fairly confident that it's accurate though.
Wow, that's good to hear. The stories I had heard were that the elliptical was always higher than the HRM. Since the Polar is accurate from everything I have seen, go with those numbers. Is the F4 just for women? I think I may need to go with an F6. A little more money but not too bad.
I was just researching these today, and I would love to get one.  I think the F6 will suit all my needs (though I always love the high-tech stuff so of course I want the F11, ha ha).
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Do you know if the F4 is coded?  That means that it can't pickup heart rates from other machines.  Sometimes heart rate monitors can pick up other people's heart rates if they are within 3 feet.  I'm also thinking of buying a polar heart rate monitor, but not sure whether to get the F6 or f4.  Plus, my wrists are really tiny!

The F4 is not coded, but the F6 is. If you are concerned about it, then go with the F6.
nutraru--i have pretty small wrists, and the F6 has tons of holes (like 20) so it should fit you okay.

the F6 has tons of features so it works really well. but it's super easy to use just the basics, too. i really love using mine--especially since i like keeping track of my HR more now to know how much harder i should push myself, or if i should ease up.  it's a really handy thing if you exercise regularly
i'm kinda weary of the calorie thing on the Polar after a post i read on reading the reviews.  some girl stated that her doctor said the calories burned on it were completely off and that the HRM showed a lot higher number than what was actual.  I'd reallllly like to know how many calories I am burning, but its crazy how 1 little statement can twist your head all sorts of crazy.  Still thinkin about buyin one!
star - I think that dr is out of whack LOL!!!!  If the heart rate monitor allows you to put in your age, weight sex and height it will give you a more accurate reading than some "generic" machine or website.  My polarF11 also has a fitness test I do weekly.  It checks my VO2 which is something about the ratio of oxygen and resting pulse.  Some weeks if my stress is high I burn more calories than other weeks when I may not have the stress or if you are sick and such.   So basically my calorie burn from week to week for the same workout may vary as much as 100 - 200 calories.
nutraru - the protected straps won't pick up others heart rate like you said, but a person within 3 ft of you would have to be wearing a strap also.  I work out alone so I don't worry about the cross talk - but I guess if you are in a busy gym and if the equipment is close together I guess you could risk this.  I take classes at the college and no one else in the gym classes use a HRM but me.  I have an F11 but recently had to go back to using my old strap that isn't coded because the other one wasn't working right - I guess after 2 years I need to invest in a new strap LOL...
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Kiigan--- how comfortable are the chest straps for the polar f6?  I currently have a MIO strapless heart rate monitor.  I like it, but I don't think it is that accurate.  I've had it for about a year and a half, and I think it has begun to not measure my heart rate as well as before... 
I have a F4 and think it is pretty accurate...obviously the heart rate is more accurate than the hand grips on the machines.  I enter all of the settings and update it as I lose weight.  The chest band is remarkably comfortable - I always thought they looked uncomfortable but its no problem.  I love this techie stuff.  I like to know I am "in the zone".  My gym is pretty busy and I haven't had a ny cross-talk I know of.  I like it the machines can read my monitor too.
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Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can buy a polar F4 or F6?  I went to their website and they sell them, but I thought you guys might have some better ideas on where to get them...   thanks! 
I wouldn't buy one can get one from Big Five, Sport Chalet, probably lots of other places..I just don't think it's best to get it online.
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hey guys, so I bought the polar f6 and will give it try tonight.  I'm pretty excited to use it.  One question, do you have to wet the strap (moisten the electrodes) everytime you use it? or do you just wait till you sweat to moisten the electrodes?
YOu need to moisten the strap when you put it on but don't have to worry about it again.  
I have the F6 and I love it. I think it is very accurate as long as you have your age, height, and weight entered into it correctly.
This is exactly what I'm looking for! How much is an F6 approximately?

So if I wear it and do pilates or cardio it'll tell me how much calories I've burnt?
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