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Please help I need exercises for wheelchair bound or sitting

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I can only stand for 10-15 minutes at a time without excruciating pain. I thought there was a link on here somewhere that I saw for exercises while sitting. Does anyone have something like that? I am morbidly obese and would like to do some burning of calories. Would really like to burn 300 a day if possible while sitting or standing for brief periods.


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google is your friend :) 45/simple_effective_exercises_for_the.html?pa ge=2


Resistance training

Use a resistance band secured to a door handle or other firm object and pull towards or away from you in a smooth non jerky manner t. These bands are available in various strengths.

Strength training

Wheelchair Pushups

To begin, put the brakes on your wheelchair. Place both hands firmly on your arm rests. Using your arms lift your body slightly, so that your bottom just rises up off of the seat, and then in an even motion return your body to the chair. Repeat this motion in sets of five. Taking breaks between each set. Do several sets daily, but don’t overdo it and injure your arms.

Use free weights or dumbbells in repetitions of 5-10


btw I saw a man at the gym in a wheelchair the other day, and he was using dumbbells to work out his arms.

I did a class that used those big exercise balls, some of those exercises could be done I'm sure - like while sitting extend one leg straight out, we had to hold it there like that for awhile, then pump it up and down for awhile and then bend the leg towards the chest then straight out again, repeated a few times (my thighs were seriously burning from this).

Would you be able to go on your hands and knees? There's one to work the back of the leg that is similar, just extend one leg out and pump it up and down, or bend the leg and so when you do the pump motion your foot is kicking towards the ceiling. Or maybe even kneeling while your upper body is supported by a bed/couch, you could do the bent leg one that way. (I hope my explanations make sense lol).

hmm you probably want something like cardio though if you want to burn 300cal

what about swimming? You could also get a recumbent stationary bike, new or used, or go to a gym or some other place that has them, they look like this 00/New_Balance_7.0r_Recumbent_Exercise_Bike_l l.jpg

If you have a manual wheelchair, could you go up hills with it or just go really fast?  Like those people who race in wheelchairs :)


Thanks for the great advice. No i'm not actually in a wheelchair but can only stand for 10-15 minutes at a time without extreme pain and my knees are shot so kneeling is not something I can do. I can't do leg lifts either.

But the upper body I can do so thanks for the great advice. I wish there was a pool where I live but there is not. That would be ideal being in the pool.

Hmmm just thinking. I can't move my leg up and down on my own because of my knees but I can move them from side to side with not so much pain. That I might try as well.

Thank you

Well, Duke is your man for that, really - but I think these Seated Exercises can be a good place to start designing your own routine.

Duke relies a lot on stretching as well as part of his workout schedule - I think that's also important to include in your routine.

 'Course, check with your doc before you start anything too vigorous if you've got one, and no matter what take care that you ease into it gently at first. It's important that you take the time to let your tendons, joints and ligaments adapt to the new demands you're going to put on them by easing into the new workout schedule.

 Once you've gotten the whole process started it's also very important that you pay close attention to the feedback from your body so that you don't push yourself too hard - or don't challenge yourself enough either. Though if you're as motivated as you sound you're probably going to have more problems restraining yourself from exercising too much than too little once you feel it working - just ask Duke about that :)
You may also want to look into a "pedal exerciser" for your upper body.  It certainly will give you a cardio workout!  They can be as inexpensive as $9.99.  Here are a couple of places that I have seen them (from simple to professional grade):

Carol Wright Gifts



Exercise in Bed

I also found the following that show you exercises (mostly flexibility/strength) that you can do in bed.  Every little bit helps!

I'm sure you'll do well!
You all are wonderful. Thank you very very much for the support and help!

I really need help. I am a mother that is over wieght, I also have a 14 year old that is over weight as well, plus I have a 9 year old wth SMA type 3, and I need to find some kind of exercises for him to do. He is in a wheelchair and we have just recently fond out what his weight is. He weighs 105.6 and I have been picking him up to get him in my van and the church van as well. Is there anything that I can do to help him out? I do have a resistance band and I was wondering what types of exercises that he can do with it as well as the rest of us. I really do not have a gym by me nor do I have a treadmill. Wish I had one of those, so me and the 14 year old could work out on that. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,


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