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Is it okay to do planks,  and side bridges every day?  Should you just do these everyother day.  I could do planks every night while watching TV

Good Idea or Bad?

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I've heard some people recommending 2-3 times a week for abs, like any other muscle group; I have also heard recommendations to do abs less/more.  The Arnold Schwarzenegger book my husband has says he does abs and chins ups every day (I, or course, can't do chin ups....) I don't think your going to be doing any damage as long as you aren't in pain.  

Abs are like any other muscle group, they need rest and recovery. They do recover a little bit faster than other muscle groups, but not fast enough that you can do them every day, despite what the Governator thought in a book written 25 years ago.

 Unless you're doing a sport that involves you getting hit in the abs a lot there's no point to high-rep endurance training for the abs. If you're involved in a martial art or boxing, you need that sort of conditioning for your sport, but anyone else doesn't - and it's counterproductive for the physique goals of anyone who isn't involved in a martial art.

It doesn't hurt to do them every day- we do them before crew practice as a team. You are really sore after the first week, but then you can feel them getting stronger.

I would either do them every day or two-three times a week. Don't alternate between the two- it will make you more sore than is necessary.

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