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What does 13% body fat look like? I'm pretty sure its not me....

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So, I had a consultation with my personal trainer yesterday, and she did the body composition test on me. I weighed in at 101lbs (im 4'11 and very petite), and my body fat was at 13%, suggesting that I gain another 10lbs of fat to be normal. THIS was shocking...considering I had gone through a period of restricting and bingeing for 6 months that made everything I ate in the last year turn to fat, essentially. 13% body fat is surprisingly low...and I think the scale lied to me! What is everyone elses bf% like? Do you know? Were you surprised?

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did she test your bf wt a scale?! nope, that's NOT a good way to test it; calipers are way better tools!

for example if I do the test online based on measurements it tells me abt 19% BF while If I do the impedance test it can tell me as much as 29% (this one is based on how well hydrated you are)

so, 13% BF is actually a number for a very FIT person so all your muscles should show and you should look really lean

my advice would be to take a calipers test and see what number you come up wt



if it was a set of scales that took the test i would pay it no attention what so ever.

Im 113lb's 5ft3, and about 20% atm according to a caliper test (26% according to my gyms scales haha, and 22% by my home scales) I have a reasonable amount of muscle and my upper half is looking pretty lean all my fat is on my tummy and thighs.

Personally i think 101lbs is a nice weight for your height and unless your packing a decent amount of muscle i'd be very suprised at 13%.

13% at your weight would put you in the the 6 pack buff girl look .. muscle visable even relaxed look... if you live in a gym and have great muscle tone it's possible, but if your pretty soft looking then it's likely to be much higher.  

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when my bodyfat was very low the veins on my abdomen where very visable.


I realize I am a wrong gender, but thought I would contribute. :) At 7% I still have a bit of love handles, and some belly fat. My ribs are showing, and veins on the arms are showing. In other words I look very sickly, lol. It really depends on body composition, and how much muscle mass a person has. I have seen people with higher bf% who had a freaken six pack! rrr

goodness, that does not sound too good!

I've had the same thing with me, I don't think any sort of test is really very accurate unless you pay lots to do displacement testing.

When I first joined my gym and got a trainer, he used the machine thing that you hold out in front of you that sends a light electrical shock type thing through your body and measures the fat (you don't feel it). That came back at 15.9% for me. That was in Sept or Oct I think. Then he did the calipers test on me maybe a month or so ago and it came back at 12.5%, which according to their chart was "Essential Fat". Now I know I am not that lean, at 5'9" and 145lbs I could stand to lose 10lbs and still be within a normal BMI. I definitely don't have that 6 pack ripped look!

So take it with a grain of salt...I feel like they come back somewhat sort of normal, meaning that you are lean and don't have too much fat but don't go basing everything off of that number. I think the margin of error can be somewhat large at times, depending if the person knows how to use the calipers correctly and takes the measurement in the right place (I've seen people who work at the gym do it incorrectly) and if it was a machine, those can vary widely I am told. Just know that your BF is within a good range and keep it at that.

I'm about 10-13%. But, I don't believe it either. For me, not you lol. You're very tiny and thin. Lucky :)

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