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Pedometer: Is it worth it?

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I see a lot of fitness/weight loss pages suggesting wearing a pedometer and aiming for a certain number of steps a day. Has anyone here done this? Does is make a difference? I work out a lot but wonder on my "off days" if I should wear a pedometer to perhaps add more walking to my schedule or something. Thanks!
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Pedometers are definitely worth it for people with sedentary desk jobs and close parking spots. If you want to keep track, it is nice, but if you are broke (like me) not worth it. 
Haha, yeah I'm broke.
Frankly, I have never found one that works for very long.

I had one I got at Wal mart for less than $5 and it works fine.  I had bought another one with more features for about 15 and it didn't last 2 months. 

I wore one all day for a couple days at work and one day I had accidently bumped the reset button so all my steps got deleted so I quit wearing it.

For me the 10,000 steps is about 5 miles.  I don't think of walking about an office - going to the bathroom - walking to your car etc... as exercise.  I guess if you are a very sedentary individual then knowing how many steps you do would be beneficial - but if you work out regularly its not needed.  To add to you daily steps do the little things like park in the furthest spot at the grocery store/ dept store/ work parking lot.  Use your restroom in the house furthest from the room you are currently in - get up and walk around the halls during commercials.   

I wear my pedometer every day and I love it. They say that you need to walk 10,000 steps a day (5 miles) in order to maintain your current weight. When I go for my daily walk, I reach for the 10,000 steps during that walk and count it as my exercise for the day.  I usually end up with 2000-3000 steps in addition. It really helps me to watch how much cardio I am doing. I have had my pedometer for about 3 years. I am told that the simpler the pedometer the less likely it will break. Mine just counts steps, nothing more.  The name of it is Walk4Life.Inc. I think it cost me about 20.00. If you ever have a chance to get one, I would recommend it. Good luck.
If you have a friend that has one, ask to borrow it for a day or two.  This will give you an idea if you like it and how far you are walking.  If you want to buy one research pedometers through consumer reports.  That way you will have an idea of what style you would like.
borrowing a friend's is a really great idea. i bought an expensive one- used it for half a day and now i don't even know where it is. i found it extremely annoying- and now i just exercise with my heart rate monitor which, in my opinion, is a million gazillion times better than the pedometer.

I think has a conversion chart on if you say swim for 30 minutes would equal x amt of steps - so if you are doing other workouts besides just walking you are probably getting more than 10000 steps a day.

Like I said earlier - I'm sure you can get a pedometer for the price of a latte so get one and try it to see if you want to upgrade to a more fancier model. 

I had to wear one for a while for a "shape up RI" challenge I did with work. I thought it was very interesting as I had no idea how much I had been walking. I am a very active individual (usually about 20,000 steps/day). One thing it did for me was to  make me more competitive with myself. I would always try to hit 20,000/day. It was a fun way to make myself become more active. It also meant that if I sat for more hours than usualy at work, I would take a longer walk at home. I definitely don't think they are necessary, but they can be a lot of fun, and a satisfying way to challenge yourself. Mine was very cheap, and worked fine. It occasionally reset itself, but not enough that I had a problem with it. I say go for a cheap one!
Yep I have one or two or three.  I get them and decide they dont' work right or something.  So the one I use now is just a simple count yer steps.  It works great.  I never realized just how few steps I was walking each day.   My goal starting this week it to reach at least 10,000 steps a day.  3 out of 5 I have passed my goal.  It's a cheap way to keep track.  Plus you can push yourself to do more walking just to see if you can beat the steps yesterday.
Hi!  Just FYI, if you are interested in a pedometer, Wal-Mart has some decent ones for < $10.
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