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Pain in the BACK of the knees

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Hi all!

I started working on jogging in February.  I was really out of shape and had heard that if you aren't overweight, it is a good way to whip yourself back into good physical condition rather quickly.  So, for the past two months I have been jogging 2-5 times per week and have worked my way up to about 2 miles.  I do HIIT in my jogging routine and alternate different routes with hills so that I can do a bit of an incline to work different leg muscle groups.  I stretch a bit before I start, stop after a light warmup to do a couple stretches on each leg and ankle again, and then stretch thoroughly after I am done. Other than general soreness, I haven't experienced any lasting discomfort in any of my joints, my legs, hips, ankles, or knees.  But, for the last two weeks, I have been having pain in the backs of my knees if I don't sit with my legs straight out.  If I sit on my couch with my legs tucked under me, bent to the side, or even in my office chair with my legs straight down instead of extended, I have a significant amount of tenderness when I go to stand up or move my legs.  Any ideas about why this would be happening?  Is there a stretch that I can do to get the backs of my knees better?

Just in case it matters, I am 22, female, 135 pounds, 5'5". Since I am not overweight, I had read that I could start jogging safely (as long as I started with reasonable expectations) without putting too much strain on my joints.  Anyway, any insight is appreciated!     &nb sp;               &nb sp;

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I have had discomfort in the back of my knees as well.  Sometimes it's felt like a pulled muscle but with inflammation and soreness...I guess not pain?  It's usually happened from hyperextension or a shock.  Sometimes it has followed a more kind of normal knee injury for me as well.  Not sure if that's the same as what you're talking about.  Usually leaving it alone and not re-slamming it around for a few days works for me.  Sometimes I use a muscle rub on it and give it a vigorous rub down.  Feels good while you do it, then hurts when you stop, and the next day it always seems better.

I'm not a jogger, never really liked running, so I don't know what to tell you on that front.  It seems like running would have to be hard on the joints but I guess it depends on what you're running on.  You're young...and warming up a bit before you go....if it continues to happen, I'd consider seeing a sports doctor.

I usually get this after having played sports, messing around with my kids, or some other mis-hap in my manly household duties :-0

I developed pain in the back of my knee after kicking too hard on breast stroke then overstretching my hamstring.   Unfortunately I was over stretching the back of my leg because I thought the back-of-knee pain was caused  by not warming up properly.

I'm going to get this checked out properly by a physiotherapist to prevent a more serious injury and because without professional advice I've already done more harm than good by overstretching (if you overstretch you can stress the tendons rather than stretching the muscle).

It looks as though I may have damaged a hamstring tendon (hamstring tendonitis) that attaches at the back of the knee.  Tendons and ligaments take longer to heal than muscle so it's important to allow time for healing.

Please learn from my mistake and don't try to stretch the back of your knee without taking professional advice!


I brought this up to a friend of mine who used to be a semi-pro soccer player and runner.  She also noted that it was a ligament issue she encountered when she experienced the same kind of pain you are having.  She went to a sports doctor, who was able to help her alleviate the pain through therapy and stretching.  As mamonaku said, get professional help for this-don't try to go it alone.  Tendon issues are not something to mess with.  Good luck.


This sounds like hamstring tendonitis to me.  I had the same thing a few years ago.  Unlike you, I didn't do much stretching before or after I ran and was told that this was the reason I got it.

After running for several years now, it seems like I've had tendonitis in all the various tendons in my knees and the causes can be too little stretching, muscle imbalances or the wearing worn out or the wrong shoe.  Since it sounds like you do the stretching thing already, I'd look into one of the other causes.  The cure is usually as simple as a few days to a week of taking an anti-inflamitory like Advil, Aleve or Tylenol (whichever one you prefer) and then trying to figure out what the cause was to prevent it from coming back.  Another thing I've learned is that while your tendon is healing, you should stop stretching it because while it is injured you will only cause more damage.  When healed you can resume your stretching.  The decision whether to stop running or to cut back while you heal is your call.  I typically run through injuries but lower the duration and intensity until I feel better.

Google "hamstring tendonitis treatment" to find out more and make sure the pain you are feeling matches the description of hamstring tendonitis.


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