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Any other workout videos as intense as insanity?

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Hi All- I am looking for workout videos that are equivalent in intensity, difficulty, calorie burning as insanity...just looking for something different as I've already tried that one.  Any suggestions??  Preferably something not so hard on the knees/ joints?!   Oh, and it doesn't have to be a beach body program....I'm just looking for some recommendations before I go out and buy something...


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Try Asylum, Shaun T's new one.  Makes Insanity look like a warmup.

if you find one let me know...i've looked every where!

I always went to the gym and did Les Mills workouts like body attack which were really intense and then when i couldn't go to the gym anymore so i searched FOREVER for a workout DVD that would be as intense as Body Attack....and then I found Insanity!!!! It would be nice if I could find something else  to mix it up.

Hey Asylum similar to insanity or do you need equipment to do the workout?


I felt like insanity was difficult enough :-)  but perhaps I'll give it a go!!  is there any thing non- beach body??

I'll have to look for body attack!

You need a jump rope and agility ladder that come with it.  Also need dumbells or bands and a pull up bar is ideal for the strength workouts.

I just watched the youtube video for insanity asylum and all I can say is WOW it looks tough!!! 10 times more insane than insanity!

yeah....think i will stick with the insanity in insanity before i go totally "insane"  actually i will stick to Turbo Fire for a bit!!

Yeah Asylum is pretty intense, lol. I've never done Insanity or Asylum but I'd say try out Bob Harper's DVDs. They may be a step down from Insanity but they're still pretty tough.

hmmmm...thnkx!!  what about jillian micheals' videos?  how does it compare.  


I bit the bullet and began insanity yesterday again since I'd already purchased it and figured i'd give it another go...but still looking for other options.


I know that one is definitely doing to "give me a workout"

I love Jillian Michael's videos! I have No More Trouble Zones & even though I'm not a beginner exerciser, it kicks my butt every time and leaves me sore for atleast two days! It feels great though and I'm always dripping in sweat afterwards (sorry tmi haha). In WalMart they have her's & Bob's for pretty a few and see if you like them!


I've been considering purchasing the Insanity DVD. My cousin tried it out with a few of his friends and he said that some of them actually wound up vomitting towards the end! So it freaked me out but I really want to be challanged so this may work well for me. Do they sell it in WalMart/Target/etc?

No, unfortunately you have to buy it direct from beach body ( or you can buy it secondhand on ebay, craigslist, etc.)  It's awesome.  I think the key is not to expect to finish it or do even move every time (he even encourages taking breaks) but instead to push yourself hard, monitor your effort, and go hard but not so that you vomit!  

They actually do sell Insanity in Walmart..I saw it there yesterday..this was in Canada mind you but I'm sure it's the same in the US.

good to know!  I'll have to check that out... was asylum there as well?

no..for some reason it was just other beaachbody programs..maybe every Walmart is different though and has a different selection. It was in the sporting goods section near the weights.

thanks jamiepants :-)


I found Insanity for a total of $40.00  here:


Insanity is great and has completely changed my body. I was a triathlete for 10 years and trained for many 1/2 and full Ironman's, but have never looked as fit as I do now. Weight maintenance is much easier as well. I am at the point now where I do Insanity maintenance workouts with other activities and then hit it hard when needed. 

Insanity Asylum is a different story. I am a woman and simply to not posses the strength to do enough reps and found it frustrating. It is a little over the top.

I too am looking for something similar to Insanity that I can put on my iPad and do anywhere.

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I love the two Amy Dixon Breathless Body DVDs and feel that they are roughly equivalent to Insanity. They are tabata/interval based and you don't need any equipment. I always travel with either my Amy Dixon DVDs or insanity.
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