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How often do you buy new sneakers?

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I bought expensive sneakers ten months ago. now I am thinking it is time for a new pair. what do you think?
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it all depends on how often you use them, and how hard you are on them when  you do. if you exercise for a long time, say more than an hour, and it's pretty intense, and most of what you do is on your feet (walking, jogging) then it could def. be time to replace them.

i have to replace mine every 4-6 months b/c i'm really hard on my shoes, plus i have pretty bad feet, and the second my tennies are past their expiration date, my feet tell me. i wore out a pair in 2 months when i was walking 3-6 miles a day, 5 days a week.

It really depends on how much your exercising, how your exercising and how often.  The recommendation I've seen is to replace running shoes every 200 miles (assuming you only wear them for running).  You can go longer/shorter depending on whether or not you have shin/knee/hip/back pain.

I try to buy a new pair every 6 months or so, the newest pair gets used only for running, the 2nd newest gets used for all other exercise and the oldest gets used for wearing day to day.

I wear them everyday as I walk to work. I also wear them for about 2 hours at the gym. they started to get smelly even I clean them with a special product that I bought from a running store.

I say you are probably long over due for a new pair - even 2.  One for walking and maybe a cross trainer for you gym workouts.  If you haven't developed foot, knee or other problems consider yourself lucky - but I would get out to the store ASAP and update your shoes.

When I was walking everyday I updated my shoes every 3- 4 months - I've heard for walking every 500 miles. 

i don't think it's about the smell as much as it's about the wear and tear. yes, if my shoes get smelly enough (b/c i haven't worn socks from time to time) i replace them when i just can't handle the stench anymore. but i usually only replace my shoes when my feet start to signal they hurt. but if your shoes smell bad enough that you just can't take it, then definitely get a new pair.

I bought 2 pair over a year ago. Found recently I wasn't getting the support I needed from them so went to SportChek to take advantage of their buy one get one half price sale. Sales consultant looked at my shoes and said I only needed new insoles (cushioned gel ones) so I got two pair of them for less than $55 and they are guaranteed for one year!! My shoes feel like new again, I have the support I need from them and I didn't have to spend a lot of money!  Yeah!!!! Laughing

EDIT I lift the insoles once a week to air the shoes out and sometimes spray with Febreeze for odour control.

If you workout at least 4-5 times a week or if you wear your workout shoes to work or running errands, then they should be replaced every 6 months. If it feels like you need a new pair, then you probably do!

I would suggest buying a couple of pairs or treat yourself for comfy non-workout everyday shoes so you don't wear yours out so quickly.

I know when to replace my running shoes when I see holes on the inside, the buttom starts to go flat and uneven, and the air pockets at the bottom (NikeAirMax shoes) start to pop out and go flat. I need new shoes too!! I put bandaids over the holes on the inside haha

I somehow managed to pick out the BEST cross trainer in the world (My opinion!) the Adidas Supernova Control.  These shoes are so great, I can't bear to part with them even though they are now going on four years old and yes, I do a ton of walking.  I didn't realize how much I loved those shoes and how much those shoes loved my feet and my shins and knees and calves until I bought "another" pair last year.  I wore them ONCE and maybe it was just that they were new and I hit the walking pretty hard but my calves cramped up and I also tore a serious muscle or lig or SOMETHING in my left shin that hurt SO BAD I could not sleep and limped for almost a week.  So I went back to my old Supernovas and now I have complex about getting a new pair of anything, even a new pair of the same shoe.  I think that Adidas has new "versions" of the Supernova and I don't want to make bad decision at that price.

Lately, I have noticed that on days when I walk hard for 1 hour, the rest of the day my feet are sore; I just kept chalking it up to the extra weight, but I dunno.  Maybe I'll bite the bullet and get new Supernovas.  thanks for the nudge.

I agree that it is just how often you use them or how hard you are on them. One pair of sneakers will last me for years!  I love flip flops and slip-ons (I go though a few pair of these a year but they are practically inexpensive to replace as I go for the generics!)

Okay, well since my last post and now I am now the new owner of Supernova Control's!!  I am going to keep my old pair til I break in my new pair...  I"m glad you posted this original thread, I am taking a really hard look at my old pair and they are truly shot...

thanks everyone. Yes, there are holes inside. the sneakers are just very comfortable and they support my feet. I have flatfeet.

I am just not ready to pay another $140 now.

As of late, about 1 new pair every week. I recently broke up with a girl that I dated for 4 years. To cope, I turned to shopping. I bought 12 pairs in the last 12 or so weeks. I've only worn 1 pair. I'll probably never even touch them, lol.

mortalmonkey: sorry to hear about the breakup. well, shopping is not a bad idea. some people turn to food for comfort.

but one pair a week?? wow.. how much did you spend?:)
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mortalmonkey: sorry to hear about the breakup. well, shopping is not a bad idea. some people turn to food for comfort.

but one pair a week?? wow.. how much did you spend?:)

about $2,160 in the last 12 or so weeks.

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