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NROLFW and Cardio

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I've searched some other threads regarding NROLFW, and everyone seems to do different things!

Me: I love cardio.  I've been doing 60 minutes 4 times a week (or more) for years.  I love the elliptical, stairmaster, everything!  My favorite thing is cycling, outside, but with the weather getting chilly and the rain every day, I figured I'd use this opportunity to start the weights.  I went from overweight as a teen (5'4", 180+ lbs), to an eating disorder in college (103lbs), and now here I am, fully recovered... 23 years old, 5'4", about 130-132 pounds.  Through my ups and downs, I'm still so flabby, especially my arms/shoulders/back/stomach!  So, like I said, I finally quite talking about starting weights, and actually started.

My husband and I have the adjustable dumbbells (he does P90X), so I've been using those at home.  I'm only through the first 2 workouts, and have been doing 30 minutes of the elliptical, and then the weights.  That'll be three times a week, plus one extra day of my full-out, 60 minutes of mixed cardio (because I'd go crazy without it).  Does that sound.. alright?  I'd like to lose a few pounds (I was more like 123lbs 6 months ago, and felt better then, but haven't been able to shake them off, for some reason), but I guess if I weigh the same but look smaller (with less of that flab!) I suppose that's fine!

Oh, one more thing: I'm confused about the Workouts A and B.  I've done workout 1 and 2 (two different days) of Workout A (stage 1, of course).  Do I do all 16 workouts in A, then do B?  That's what I assumed, but I wasn't quite sure...

Thanks guys!  I've been so scared of weights for years (just because I'm totally clueless on them, while I know my way around all forms of cardio!), but I'm pretty excited with NROLFW so far!

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You alternate every other workout with A and b so if you are working a mon/ wed/ fri lifting week one you would do wo A, Wo B wo A then the next week Wo B wo A wo B so every other day you are doing another routine not the same routine for the 16 workouts 

If you enjoy the cardio then continue it I would however recommend switching to doing the cardio after the lifting just so you have all your strength to put into the lifting.  

I don't do steady state cardio anymore, but I got burned out on it and found stuff I like to do better on my non lifting days ( metabolic workouts)

Also check out the NROL4W group ng-women-g489

It isn't real active, but there may be answers to some of your questions in the older threads.


Good look

Oh man!  I don't know why I didn't think of that for the A and B workouts.  Oops!  I guess I'll two B's in a row?  Do the first B then the third A?  Oh well.  I'll get them both started, at least!

I do cardio first because my husband starts his P90X routine when he gets home from work, I get home a little after him and start on cardio while he finishes using the weights, and by the time my 35 minutes are up, he's done with the weights.  But, maybe we can work something out.

We're both so busy that it's nice to have two work days that we just come home and don't go straight to working out.  On workout days, the evening gets pretty busy (work out, dinner, make lunches for work the next day, get ready for bed, sleep)... so I'm hesitant to add other exercise (or, my cardio for instance) on non-lifting days.  But, that may have to chance!

Thanks for your info and advice!

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