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I just have to say... (Nike+iPod)

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For the first time today, I used my Nike+iPod sensor in my shoes, and absolutely loved it!!! Throughout your workout, you can periodically get your progress -- distance, time, and pace by pushing the center button on your iPod. Now, I hadn't calibrated my sensor yet to my running style, so I'm not sure how accurate it was today... we'll find out tomorrow when I calibrate it. BUT, if it is accurate... then oh my gosh, I need to be eating more! Hahah... but we'll see!

Just thought I'd share my 2 cents on this. So far, I highly recommend it! But of course, you have to have the iPod Nano (150 bucks), the shoes (100 bucks), and the sensor kit (30 bucks)... so it's not cheap. But if you've already got the iPod, you're halfway there! My boyfriend bought me the shoes on Sunday, but we didn't realize they were the iPod shoes until later. So yesterday I got home and he had gotten me the sensor kit too (he must really love me!)... but did admit that the chick didn't even ring it up, haha.

Alright, I'm done rambling...
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You don't have to get special shoes - you can buy little pouches from a number of different manufacturers that will attach to the laces of any other brand of shoe and hold the sensor.

It's not terribly accurate, being really a glorified pedometer, but if you calibrate it at the same pace you typically run it's good enough.
It's surely more accurate than the pedometer I wasted my money on...
That sounds so cool! Just another reason I should get an iPod! Hahaha, I always have to borrow my boyfriend's when I work out!
just thought i'd give this a little bump and update my insights on this. i LOVE it! after calibrating it to my running style, it's very accurate and consistent. it shows the same distance every time, within .02 of a mile. highly recommended :)
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