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to get nice legs: "Rule #1: Don't ever do long distance jogging, EVER!" is this true?

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ok so i came across this article, is there some truth in this? and how far does everyone agree is long distance running? like is 6 miles long distance? or are they talking about marathon distances? --How-to-Get-Nice-Hot-Beautiful-Legs---Warnin g,-Dont-Make-This-1-Mistake& ;id=1118286

Rule #1: Don't ever do long distance jogging, EVER!

No doubt, long distance jogging will thin your legs... but there's an expense in doing so. That expense... you'll lose muscle mass on your legs. Long distance running is very catabolic (breaks down and eats muscle).

If you're trying to lose weight, that is a huge no-no. Why? Because each pound of muscle burns off 30-50 more calories a day than a pound of fat... while you do nothing. In other words, muscle speeds up your metabolism. So losing muscle will no doubt slow down your metabolism.

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well, there's some truth in the fact that most steady state endurance cardio activities deliver the very lean athlete- bc the lighter you are the less 'load' you have to bear & carry & can therefore go greater distances with less energy expenditure needed to carry the mass of muscle... and any steady state cardio compromises muscle mass -- eventually the body looks for a good energy source beyond fat to assist in carrying out the stress of endurance on the body--

the author does not state what she considers to be a long distance runner- but i would consider a long distance runner anyone who runs more than 13-15 miles at a time-at a minimum of 2-3 times a week- i don't consider a 5k or a 10k even an extremely long distance to run, but other people would consider this a heinous distance... so running does amazing things to drop fat off the body for sure-but in the long run (pun intended) it can create less muscle mass with greater muscle endurance capability.

the author is spot on in the fact that squats, deadlifts (and lunges she doesn't mention) will do more and are absolutely KEY to building long shapely legs-- it's TRUE.

Women need to get out & squat some weights to see how muscle will develop in the legs/butt -- if they did- they would probably be happier with how their bodies looked all over! squats build your core as well as your butt & legs... and deadlifts cannot be beat for the lower butt... lunges do great for legs as well.

i train endurance & mass wise- a strange combination that actually is frustrating to balance-- but I do it -- it's difficult at best!

bottom line- if you want nice shapely legs, weight train-- if you want to be very lean & still have shapely legs- albeit longer/leaner legs & definitely less butt- long distance run-

either way- you are still healthy- they are just two different looks and body types with different amounts of muscle & fibers working differently for short term vs long term energy capabilities!

oh & take those ezine articles with a grain of salt unless they are referenced-- and check the refs-- a lot of times they are just people sharing their idea of correct info, that is not always correct!

oh, think of it this way too--

long distance runners carry less muscle to go the distance slower & steadier

sprinters carry a ton of mass to explode and carry their mass over shorter distances--

so sprinting will definitely help tone your butt/legs as well-- consider it as well in your arsenal of leg/butt workouts!

ok thanks. and yes lunges are great. i've actually been doing all 3, with a couple of plyometric exercises. 

i do some very steep hill running as well. i treat most of them as a weight training exercise so i get plenty of rest time in between.  i love hills and hate hills. 

still need to lose some extra fat to really see the results but i can feel the muscles & strength.   but i dont run more than 5 miles 3 times a week, except if there are a couple of fun runs. that's probaby enough for me.

for maximum fat loss, try some HIT or HIIT - either one-- but learn about intervals first...

look at your diet too!  try 6 meals a day w/high protein complex carb mix-- you will see a difference rather quickly eating cleaner if you're not already!!!


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