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I work out in the a.m. before I eat.  If I eat, I have to wait, then I get distracted, more excuses and before you know it, it's bedtime.  So after the workout, how long should I wait before eating.  I usually have oatmeal within a half hour.  Just want to make sure this is ok.
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I eat as soon as humanly possible after my am workout.  I don't eat before and by the time I am done working out I am famished.  I don't think there is any rule about waiting after.  If anything eat rightaway to replace what your body used up.
I heard once from a trainer that you are not supposed to eat before for an hour and after for 45 minutes.  I don't know how true this is.  I am also famished after I work out... it is about a 20 minute drive home from the gym so that's usually all I wait. 
If it's not causing stomach distress then it's not a problem.  I like to cool down and rehydrate before I eat.  I'm suprised a trainer would say to weight 45 minutes.  Most articles I've read say to refuel asap.  I often eat something light before a workout as well, banana or yogurts, something easy to digest that will give me a fuel boost and tea.
If I don't chew my arm off on the way home from the gym, I eat a little something as soon as I get in the door.  

Luckily I still have 2 arms, so eating at home seems to be working.
Very funny nymo!!  Thanks, I like to hydrate as well and find eating within a half hour is good for me.  Thanks again guys.
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