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I need to get toned!

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I am 5'9 130 pounds but I have a little bit of a belly pouch and arm flab. I don't want to lose weight bc I like the weight that I am at but I need to tighten up. Any suggestions??
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Lift weights (look into New Rules Of Lifting For Women or Starting Strength). If you have no access to a gym or equipment, then 'gym-less workouts' will also suffice (it will just take a bit longer, and you may hit a fitness plateau).

Myself, I've gotten rid of all my flab and achieved a toned figure with Pilates, HIIT, and free weights (i.e. 15lbs, 30lbs, etc, dumbbells). I haven't stepped into a gym in 4 years, I just youtube everything. 

Push ups, they will tone your arms and core at the same time.  Weight training is good too but it never hurts to start with some basics

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Pilates is great for toning your core - try some Blogilates videos. I think they have some arm workouts too. Good luck!

Try a Body Pump Class if you could, or get yourself some hand wts or even veggie cans and find exercises in you tube,  even a silver snickers class, I do a Tabata class (hard) and it is a silver snickers class in my gym that is almost as hard as the Tabata, everything depend on the trainer, it is another one w other trainer (silver sneaker class) that is so slow and boring that I don't even see it

I am 45 years old and once a wk I do the (hard) silver sneaker, they work every with hand wts, elastic bands, a chair and even a small ball, everything in the same 60 min class.  I do the class only 6 times them I swicth to do something else so my body don't get used to.

Good Luck

Jari Love "Get Ripped" DVDs - it works - 3x per week!  You can preview any workout DVD on the Collage Video website.

You certainly don't need to lose weight! I am  5'5 and weigh 134 and have to do cardio and not eat too many calories to maintain that! However, I have been using light weights at the gym for years and there are several ways of toning your abs. If you go to a gym ask a trainer to give you a routine you can follow 3X/week to tone your arms and midriff. Pilates is very popular today and works well for the core.

you r my goal wt, I am 5'1 and 188Lbs ( lost 45 so far, I started in March)

The good thing is that I am toning while losing the wt. I have a lot of fat to lose but I can see part of my body getting tone, no hanging skin! for me

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try pilates or vinyasa yoga, it's a steady faster paced yoga great fro arms and firming everything else ;0)

I agree Pilates

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