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why do i need to POOP when running !?!!?!?

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the first 1-3 miles are okay, but then i start needing to poop and end early @ around mile number 4 or 5........ (I GOT BETTER AT RUNNING :D)

why is this though? i end up springtin to the bathroom at the end all the time!!!

and as for my running tecnique, would it be more effective if i ran the whole 4 mile non stop but pacing ORRRRR if i ran fast and took little jogs inbetween....
(effective for improving 1 mile time and/or calories burned and/or muscle gain)

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Original Post by rgupta19:

just to clarify a lil bit... running might acclerate bowel movements because of the bouncing and increase peristalsis (which btw is the muscles pushing ur food through ur digestive sysem) or whatever, but during the exercise it actually slows down digestion. It part of ur "fight or flight" response in which ur pupils dilate, blood vessels dilate, increases heart rete, and constricts digestion. On the other hand, ur "rest and digest" response is what u do during the rest of the day where ur heartbeat is slow and ur body is relaxed. These are two subcategories of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympatheic nervous systems, respectively. So if u wanna quicken ur metabolism and bowel movements, it would be better to exercise b/c ur body will need to break down the food for energy, but it wont happen during it but rather when ur at rest (partly the reason ur not so hungry during ur workout as much as u are 5-10 minutes later when u get home).

 not to get too descriptive, so basically this happens when the already digested food is lying in wait.

I would say run fast and then do little jogs in between.

ugh I love running... it's like the natural way to get everything moving again....

Say no thanks to ducolax! lmao!! ;D

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I probably have the worst problem in here. I just started working out 3 weeks ago. My exercise involves cardio, aerobics and yoga. I have also started drinking a lot of water and eating fiber. Since the last 2 nights around  I feel the pressure kicking in, so much so that if I dont find a bathroom in the next 2 min, I could probably soil my boxers. I'm 28 yrs old. Luckily the last 2 nights I was close to a bathroom ( and I wasn't even home both the nights). 

Is this normal ? How do I exercise self control? 

Yet another reason (as if I needed it) not to run!

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