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why do i need to POOP when running !?!!?!?

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the first 1-3 miles are okay, but then i start needing to poop and end early @ around mile number 4 or 5........ (I GOT BETTER AT RUNNING :D)

why is this though? i end up springtin to the bathroom at the end all the time!!!

and as for my running tecnique, would it be more effective if i ran the whole 4 mile non stop but pacing ORRRRR if i ran fast and took little jogs inbetween....
(effective for improving 1 mile time and/or calories burned and/or muscle gain)

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i feel like the 2nd part was in another topic though..... was it?

exercise increases your metabolism - gets everything flowing - that's why the urge to poop. happens to me too.

annoying isn't it?


Also, all the bouncing gets things moving.

Hahaha! I can relate, though usually where I run there's no convenient bathroom. Curse running outside!

But Yogini_om is right, your body is working pretty hard, and things start working a bit better when you're running. At first I thought it was a psychological thing, like, when you really really have to go you run, though, the other explanation makes more sense.

ALSO. Simply running non stop for a long period of time is good if you want to burn a lot of calories RIGHT NOW, though High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is good because, sure, you don't burn as much when you're doing it, but you burn a LOT more calories while you lift weights and other stuff. What I do (just personal preference) is have set days to do just straight 'Zombie' running, you just run like your butt is on fire for as long/fast as you can. And then the other days do some HIIT. Running up hills, sprinting, walking, running backwards, etc. It's confusing, but it's pretty darn fun.

Running exercises your bowel as well as your legs/body.  It's good for your bowel to move the waste through faster, so just be thankful you're going, and make sure you run where you can access a loo fast!

I found adding more fiber to my diet, maintaining a consistent eating and exercise schedule helps keep you really regular. So, you can "go" before you run. Also, making sure you're up and walking for a while to see if you need to go before running. Finally, jumping, jumping jacks and/or jump rope before running should double check if you need to go.

I have had this problem a lot when running even short distances.

 Hey - now I know why I always have gas when I run!  haha!

Haha you think that you're weird that you may be the only person who does running farts but hey I suppose everyone here does it too. Laughing

Your stomach/intestines move food/poop through muscle movemts called peristotal (sp?) and running increases the movements. It happens to me too.

I didn't think I was weird I just didn't know why it happened  Laughing

LMAO, I swear that I answered something like this just earlier.

Running gets everything "moving" glad you're regular!

Depends on what you want to do. If you're only going for shorter distances, speedwork, well, works. For long distances, I'd suggest longer runs first paired with speedwork. Speedwork makes the world go 'round.

I used to ALWAYs have this problem.   I would try to hold it to finish my run and then really suffer.  About 3 years ago I started really attending to my Yoga practice.  Since then I have found that my whole system is really under control.  No more cut off runs.

Just a thought. 

Heh, well if you are a woman who has birthed a couple of children, then any sort of fast running or jumping causes bladder leakage. (At least I've heard this from many women I know and it is a big issue with me-blech). So, as I start my running program again, I make good use of the ol' maxi pad.

I am totally with you there! Wow, once, I had diarrhea. Not pretty. I ended up going in the woods. And the embarrassing thing was that I was with my brother when it happened. Surprised

I think this is really common - just google Runner's trots.  All I can say is, I'm really glad I do most of my running at home on a treadmill and don't have to go far when it's necessary.

well its funny but its also another reason to exercise. it'll help keep you regular.

once i had 2 bowls of bran flakes & then went running. luckily i wasn't stupid enough to do that when i was going for one of my outside runs. but hey at least if im ever constipated i'll know what to do.

I always go to the bathroom before I run, my body is on a good schedule now to do so!  Maybe take it easy when you run or try to run after you have to go to the bathroom. (It might not be the running that's causing it, just that you have to go at that time each day?)

oh god i thought i was the only that too much information...yea imma just shut up now...Embarassed

Original Post by beautifultransformation:

oh god i thought i was the only that too much information...yea imma just shut up now...Embarassed

 its all natural, everyone does it, even bugs. the only thing that i find embarrasing about it, is if someone was actually with me when i had that problem after the bran flakes.

just to clarify a lil bit... running might acclerate bowel movements because of the bouncing and increase peristalsis (which btw is the muscles pushing ur food through ur digestive sysem) or whatever, but during the exercise it actually slows down digestion. It part of ur "fight or flight" response in which ur pupils dilate, blood vessels dilate, increases heart rete, and constricts digestion. On the other hand, ur "rest and digest" response is what u do during the rest of the day where ur heartbeat is slow and ur body is relaxed. These are two subcategories of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympatheic nervous systems, respectively. So if u wanna quicken ur metabolism and bowel movements, it would be better to exercise b/c ur body will need to break down the food for energy, but it wont happen during it but rather when ur at rest (partly the reason ur not so hungry during ur workout as much as u are 5-10 minutes later when u get home).

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